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How to Build a Level in Gamestar Mechanic

Aiming to be a master game designer? Begin with the basics: If you're not sure where to start designing levels from scratch in Gamestar Mechanic, follow these steps to easily make complete levels. [more…]

How to Structure a Game in Gamestar Mechanic

Every game in Gamestar Mechanic is built on some sort of structure. In a maze game, the maze is a structure that connects the various challenges and goals. In a survival game, the structure is created [more…]

How to Use Create an Account on Gamestar Mechanic

Creating an account on Gamestar Mechanic is easy — and completely free — so you can try out the program to see whether it’s right for you After taking a few simple actions, you’ll be ready to design some [more…]

How to Navigate the Gamestar Mechanic Website

After you’ve created an account you can access the Gamestar Mechanic website. At the top of every Gamestar Mechanic web page, you see these two toolbars. These toolbars let you navigate the major sections [more…]

How to Manage Your Gamestar Mechanic Account Settings

If you click the Manage Account link in the footer toolbar of the Gamestar Mechanic website, the Manage Your Account page appears. Next, click the Edit My Account Settings link to go to the [more…]

How to Read the Gamestar Mechanic Message Box

The lower-left corner of the Gamestar Mechanic lobby contains a message box, which lists all the messages you’ve received. These messages can include notifications of new reviews and comments, news about [more…]

How to Start the Gamestar Mechanic Introductory Free Quest

After you have set up your account on Gamestar Mechanic and are familiar with the layout of the site, you’re ready to start playing games. If this is your first time playing a Gamestar Mechanic game, the [more…]

How to Use the Gamestar Mechanic Workshop

One of the Gamestar Mechanic site’s more complex pages, the Workshopdisplays a large amount of information about you and your games. You can build your own games from this page as well. [more…]

What Can You Do in the Gamestar Mechanic Game Alley?

You can play games in both the Quest and Game Alley. Because the Gamestar Mechanic Quest has only a limited selection, most users spend their time searching for games in Game Alley. But keep in mind that [more…]

How to Search for Games in the Gamestar Mechanic Game Alley

You can search for games that aren’t listed on the main Gamestar Mechanic Game Alley page. Here are a few ways you can find and play specific games or groups of games: [more…]

How to Interpret a Game's Rating and Stats in the Gamestar Mechanic's Game Alley

To find a fun game on Gamestar Mechanic with a difficulty level that's right for you, examine the game's rating and statistics. You generally want to look for games with a large number of stars — you can [more…]

How to Write a Gamestar Mechanic Bio

If you’re just starting out on the Gamestar Mechanic site, you should compose a mechanic biography, or, officially, a mechanic bio. This biography is visible to everyone who views your workshop, so take [more…]

How to Control Your Gamestar Mechanic Avatar

Every game on Gamestar Mechanic contains exactly one avatar, a little sprite that forms the connection between your commands and the gaming world. You use the game controls to make the avatar move around [more…]

How to Navigate a Game Level on Gamestar Mechanic

When navigating a game level on Gamestar Mechanic, you should not only understand the essential controls and components but also have an intuitive sense of the game’s “feel.” As you gain experience playing [more…]

What You Should Know about Gamestar Mechanic System Sprites

The designer of a Gamestar Mechanic game may sometimes put in secondary goals, which make the goal block untouchable until all other goals are completed. These objectives are provided in the Goals & Rules [more…]

How Do System Sprites Function in a Gamestar Mechanic Game?

Look at the level in this Gamestar Mechanic game. Despite being a big level with lots of room to explore, it contains only three system sprites, as well as a goal block in the final dungeon. [more…]

Gamestar Mechanic: The Structure of a Game

Every game on Gamestar Mecahnic is a collection of elements that function together in a system — you can use a nearly infinite level of creativity when creating and arranging these elements. Games consist [more…]

How to Use Space in Your Gamestar Mechanic Game

Space (sometimes referred to as game space) is the environment where the Gamestar Mechanic game takes place. Your use of space determines your game design — how the game looks as well as progresses. [more…]

How to Use Rules in Your Gamestar Mechanic Game

In a video game, you define the rules via your design of the game on Gamestar Mechanic: The abilities of the avatar and the restrictions on the player’s actions form the rules of your game. Rules make [more…]

How to Use Goals in Your Gamestar Mechanic Game

Whereas rules add new restrictions to a game on Gamestar Mechanic, goals give the game purpose. Goals are the conditions that the player must satisfy to beat the level. Unlike with rules, you can design [more…]

How to Use Components in Your Gamestar Mechanic Game

Components are the raw materials of a game on Gamestar Mechanic, such as well-placed sprites or a group of sprites that fit into the rules and goals of the level. For example, a gauntlet of pacing enemies [more…]

How to Design the Mechanics of Your Gamestar Mechanic Game

The mechanics of a game on Gamestar Mechanic are important because they define the actions you take as a player — from simple actions, such as jumping and collecting points, to procedural ones, such as [more…]

How to Build a Top-Down Navigation Game on Gamestar Mechanic

Creating a game on Gamestar Mechanic may seem intimidating at first. You may want to start with a simple top-down navigation game. The simplest type of top-down navigation game is to complete objectives [more…]

How to Build a Platformer Shooter Game on Gamestar Mechanic

A popular and adventurous genre on Gamestar Mechanic, the platformer-shooter is a type of game in which the avatar jumps and frags opponents. This game type is interesting because it can simulate intense [more…]

How to Construct a Racing Game on Gamestar Mechanic

The racing game is a more specific category of game on Gamestar Mechanic, but designers have found a lot of ways to apply and improve on the genre. Racing games require the player to navigate a course [more…]


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