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How to Add Missiles to Objects in Your HTML5 Game

Car dealerships are touchy about installing weaponry in your ride, but that's why people become game programmers. So you can add missiles to your HTML5 game objects. If you want missiles in your mini-van [more…]

How to Build a Multi-State Animation in Your HTML5 Game

With all this motion going on in your HTML5 game, you're sure to want multiple sophisticated animations. You can use the changeImage() or setImage() function [more…]

How to Put Your HTML5 Game on a Server

To put your HTML5 game on a web server, just do a quick web search for free web hosting, and you'll find plenty of places to put your code online for free or for a very low cost. For current purposes, [more…]

How to Make Your HTML5 Game App-Ready

Of course, your HTML5 games are really web pages, but you're going to make them work in a way that also makes them act like apps. You need to do a couple of things. You can add an icon to your game so [more…]

How to Add Buttons to Your HTML5 Game for Mobile Access

The simpleGame library has a handy feature called the GameButton for adding a button to the screen of a mobile device for your HTML5 game. The keyboard is one of the easiest ways to get input in a standard [more…]

How to Add Mouse Response to Your HTML5 Game for Mobile Access

Because web browsers are inconsistent in the way they report the mouse's position, mouse input in normal JavaScript is tricky in the HTML gaming world. The [more…]

How to Create a Virtual Joystick for Your HTML5 Game

Many touch-based HTML5 games use a virtual joystick mechanism. The user touches the screen to begin input, and then swipes to provide input. Swiping to the left is read just like moving a joystick to the [more…]

How to Use the Canvas Tag in Your HTML5 Game

The simpleGame engine's Scene object uses one of the most exciting new features of HTML5 — the canvas tag. This exciting tag allows you to draw images and other elements directly on a portion of the browser [more…]

How to Create an Animation Loop in Your HTML5 Game

If the canvas defines the space in an HTML5 game, an animation loop defines time. Most JavaScript games use a mechanism called setInterval() to cause repeated behavior. This function takes two parameters [more…]

How to Use the Transformations Feature in Your HTML5 Game

The Sprite class has the capability to move and rotate in your HTML5 game, but these features are not built into normal JavaScript. You can use the transformation features of the canvas tag to get this [more…]

How to Calibrate the Accelerometer for Your HTML5 Game

By default, the HTML5 game accelerometer assumes the neutral position of perfectly horizontal — that is, the device is lying flat on a table. However, these are mobile devices, and gamers will often want [more…]

How to Check Boundaries in Your HTML5 Game

Once sprites begin moving, there is always the possibility they'll leave the boundaries of the screen. Typically, HTML5 game developers respond in one of five ways: wrap, bounce, stop, die, or continue [more…]

How to Add Tilt Controls to Your HTML5 Game

Mobile devices have a very intriguing input mechanism that allows you to control objects in an HTML5 game by tilting. This works with a special on-board tool called the [more…]

How to Make Choices with if in Your HTML5 Game

Sometimes you'll need your HTML5 game code to make decisions or choices. For example, if somebody famous typed their name in your website, you might want to create a custom greeting for them. [more…]

Why Flash Is a Good Environment for New Game Programmers

Flash is an ideal environment for beginning game creation. Flash makes a lot of the implementation easier, so you can concentrate on the content of your games instead of all the details of memory management [more…]

Common Keyboard Shortcuts for Flash Game Programmers

You'll have an easier time programming your games if you master Flash keyboard shortcuts. The following tables show you the Flash shortcuts you'll use most often as a game programmer. [more…]

Beginning Flash Game Programming For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you're new to game programming, you'll find teaching yourself how to program games in Flash much less cumbersome and intimidating than using C++ or other graphics languages. You'll speed through building [more…]

Miscellaneous Movement Styles for Gamestar Mechanic Enemies

A few enemy sprites in Gamestar Mechanic are distinctive in that some miscellaneous motion styles — Guard, Follow, and Intrinsic — are specific to only them. Have a look: [more…]

The Straight Movement Style for Gamestar Mechanic Enemies

In Gamestar Mechanic, an enemy with the Straight movement style is the most predictable: It moves in a straight line until it hits a solid object, at which point it turns and continues moving. The Straight [more…]

The Patrol Movement Style for Gamestar Mechanic Enemies

In Gamestar Mechanic, an enemy using the Patrol movement style sticks to its territory. Rather than turn only when it collides, this enemy changes direction in order to stay inside a certain predefined [more…]

The Random Movement Style for Gamestar Mechanic Enemies

Enemies with random movement styles in Gamestar Mechanic turn around whenever they feel like it. Though they generally move in a straight line, they often turn with no warning — and, sometimes, with less [more…]

Gamestar Mechanic For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The enemies in Gamestar Mechanic always follow simple patterns determined by modifying their settings with the Edit tool. These settings let you set up enemies to work just the way you want in your game [more…]

How to Compose a Meaningful Review in Gamestar Mechanic

When writing a review of someone else's game in Gamestar Mechanic, first and foremost make your review meaningful. The designer should be able to find value in your review, whether by way of specific praise [more…]

Devising a Gamestar Mechanic Lesson Plan As a Teacher

If you're a teacher who instructs by way of the Gamestar Mechanic website, you should understand that your students require a different lesson plan than they do in a basic classroom environment. Game design [more…]

10 Interesting Gamestar Mechanic Sprites You Should Know

Gamestar Mechaniccomes with a number of interesting sprites with multiple abilities, some of which can be quite subtle. To help you get the full value from your Gamestar Mechanic experience, this article [more…]


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