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Visual Basic.NET All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Visual Basic.NET helps even those with no programming experience write sophisticated programs for Windows with ease. Becoming familiar with the Visual Basic.NET naming conventions and data types sets you [more…]

Essential LINQ Operators

Language INtegrated Query (LINQ) uses an amazing array of operators. An operator is a special word that tells LINQ what kind of query to perform, such as checking whether two values are equal. Operators [more…]

Exploring LINQ Standard Query Operator Groups

Using standard query operators makes working with Language INtegrated Query (LINQ) considerably easier. In many ways, you've probably already worked with simple query operators. For example, when you use [more…]

Microsoft LINQ Resources

It's always helpful to know where you can go for additional information and tools and enhancements when creating your Language INtegrated Query (LINQ) applications. Here's a list of helpful Microsoft resources [more…]

LINQ For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Language INtegrated Query (LINQ) is a feature of .NET Framework that expands your grasp well beyond things Microsoft. You can use LINQ to query just about anything by knowing essential operators along [more…]


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