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Understanding C#'s "If" Statement

The basis of all C# decision-making capability is the ifstatement, as follows:

if (bool-expression)
// Control goes here if the expression is true.
// Control passes to this statement whether the expression [more…]

Creating the Source Program for Your First C# Console Application

Visual Studio 2008 includes an Application Wizard that builds template programs and saves you a lot of the dirty work you'd have to do if you did everything from scratch. [more…]

Getting a Handle on Computer Languages, C#, and .NET

Unfortunately, computers don't understand human language, they have their own languages. But programmers can create programs in a "middle ground" language that is not nearly as free as human speech but [more…]

Examining the C# "Else" Statement

Some code must check for mutually exclusive conditions. For example, the following code segment stores the maximum of two numbers, a and b, in the variable [more…]

Controlling Program Flow in C#

The following code segment depicts the great variety of ways in which program flow can be re-routed in C#, including if-else structures, while loops, and [more…]

Defining a Class in C#

In C#, as in most object-oriented programming languages, a class is a bundling of unlike data and functions that logically belong together into one tidy package. Good classes are designed to represent [more…]

C# Integer Variable Types

C# integer variables come in a variety of types and ranges. The following table sorts out the C# integer variables so you’ll always know the range and size of each. [more…]

C# Floating Point Variable Types

C# floating point variables come in two types: float and double. The following table compares these two types in terms of size, range, and accuracy. [more…]

Other C# Variable Types

It’s not always easy to sort out C#’s variables. The following table offers a comparison of all C# variable types except integer and floating point, which are covered elsewhere. [more…]

C# Operators and Precedence

It’s not always easy to determine which C# operators take precedence over others. The following table offers a list of common C# operators and their precedence, along with their cardinality and associativity [more…]

C# 2010 All-In-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

C# is a Microsoft programming language used to build Windows programs, Web sites, and services. C# is primarily used with an Integrated Development Environment like Visual Studio 2010, which has templates [more…]

Operators in C# 2008

In order to perform operations in C# 2008, you need, well…operators. The following chart shows you these operators. These symbols determine which operations to carry out in an expression: [more…]

C# 2008 Integer Variable Types

Each variable has a fixed type in C#, and integer (int) variable types are limited to whole numbers. C# has several other integer variable types, shown in this chart: [more…]

C# 2008 Floating Point Variable Types

C# distinguishes real numbers, which come in two styles: floating point and decimal. Floating point is the most common and floating-point variables are assigned. This chart describes the two floating-point [more…]

Controlling Program Flow in C# 2008

C#, like most programming languages, can make decisions. You can create a C# program that reads your data and automatically performs the tasks you need. Depending on the attributes of the information it's [more…]

C# 2008 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

C# 2008 is an awesome programming language. Discover the operators you need to perform your functions and how to declare and use variables like integers, floating points, and others. Also take a look at [more…]

Keeping Stuff in C# Collection Classes

Many variables are for storing one thing, like a number or a sentence. An object can have a lot of properties, storing a lot of information about a single concept. Sometimes, though, you just have to keep [more…]

Configuring C#

A whole namespace of classes is designed to configure applications written in any .NET language, such as C#, VB.NET, or any one of several others. The objects within it are, to say the least, a bit tough [more…]

Programming Asynchronously

A lot of Windows 8 is about being fast and fluid. The way to do this is by using asynchronous methods in callbacks from long running functionality. The problem with this is that in C [more…]

C# 5.0 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If there is any problem with the .NET Framework from the C# Programmer's perspective, it’s just that there is too much good stuff. A lot of classes have so many properties and events that it's hard to [more…]

New Features in Visual C# .NET

Visual C# .NET (pronounced Visual C sharp) is Microsoft's new-generation programming language that integrates the flexibility of C++ with the short development cycle of Visual Basic. These features, along [more…]

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