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Understanding the Header File

Beginning C language programmers tend to misunderstand the purpose of the header file. Don't confuse the header file with the library. They're two separate things. [more…]

The sprintf() Function

Aside from being one of the most popular text-output functions in the C language, printf() is the most powerful. It can format all sorts of variables in unique ways, with padding and alignment options [more…]

The Double-Linked List

Linked lists can be quite useful, for a number of reasons — though they take some time to wrap your mind around the concept. What's worse? The double-linked list. [more…]

A Taste of Recursion

Recursion is a big, scary word that you hear often about programming, especially the frustrating kind of programming that they teach at university. Though it's an easy concept to describe, it's really [more…]

10 Programming with C Coding Exercises

If you're just beginning with C programming, test your skills with these projects. Answers for these exercises are notprovided on the website. It's up to [more…]

Beginning Programming with C For Dummies Code Files

All the code files found in the listings of Beginning Programming with C For Dummies are available for download at this link. You can open these Notepad files and copy and paste the code as you like. [more…]

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