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iOS App Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As a developer, you can create apps for many different platforms. Here we offer some reasons why you should be developing apps for iOS. We also raise some points to consider when you're developing interfaces [more…]

Building an iOS App Interface

A lot goes on behind the scenes in an app, but users don't see that. What they see is your interface. Here are some points to remember as you build your user interface [more…]

Adding Features to Your iOS App

Don't add features just for the sake of adding features. (Remember that one of the biggest criticisms of old-fashioned software is "feature creep," where features are added for the sake of it.) Add features [more…]

10 Ways to Make Your App Development Life Easier

Here are a few objects and techniques that many app developers swear by. This is an idiosyncratic list that includes some commonly-used objects, some rather obscure ones, and some development techniques [more…]

Code Examples and Figures from iOS App Development For Dummies

Click here to access downloadable example files from the RoadTrip application developed in this book. Note that the posted code for each chapter represents the code as it is at the end of the chapter. [more…]

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