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How to Manage Breakpoints in Xcode4

You can use Xcode4's debugger to pause execution of your iOS program at any time and view the state of the running code. This helps you produce more bug-free code for your app. [more…]

What You’ll Find in the Debug Navigator

Each application within iOS is made up of one or more threads, each of which represents a single path of execution through the application's code. Every application starts with a single thread, which runs [more…]

Debug Bar in iOS6 App Development

When you build and run your apps for iOS6 with breakpoints in Xcode, the Debug bar appears in the Workspace window as the program runs in the Simulator. The program stops executing at the first breakpoint [more…]

Navigate in the Xcode Source Editors

When you create apps for iOS6, you need to understand the Xcode Workspace, including Assistant as well. This article will help you extend that knowledge and describe common tasks you need to be able to [more…]

How to Use the Jump Bar in Xcode4

Here's how to navigate the files in your iOS6 application project using the Jump bar and the navigators, as well as how to work with the source editor to enter code. And for when you are confused, or simply [more…]

How to Get Started with Xcode Source Editor

The main tool you use to write code for an iPad application is the Xcode source editor, which appears as the Standard editor pane in the editor area on the right side of the Xcode Workspace window after [more…]

Using Live Issues and Fix-it

The Apple LLVM compiler engine wants to be your best friend, so Live Issues continuously evaluates your code in the background and alerts you to coding mistakes. Before this feature came along, you had [more…]

The Issue Navigator in Xcode

The Issue navigator is one of the navigators provided by Xcode for your application development. The errors displayed in Apple LLVM compiler's Live Issues also appear in the Issue navigator, as shown in [more…]

How to Get Help in Xcode4

The ability to quickly access documentation is a major feature of Xcode, and one you’ll want to use regularly when creating iOS apps. If you have no idea how to do something, or how something works, you [more…]

The Organizer Window in Xcode

When developing iOS apps in Xcode, you can have only one Organizer window (shown in the following figure). You use the organizers in this window to manage all the development resources [more…]

Use the Find Command in Xcode

Need to track down a single symbol or all occurrences of a symbol in a file or class in your iOS code? You can easily locate what you’re looking for in Xcode by choosing Edit→Find→Find or pressing Cmd+F [more…]

Use the Search Navigator in Xcode

Whereas the Find command in Xcode works for locating an item in a file or class, you use the Search navigator (the third button from the left in the Project Navigator toolbar) to find items in your project [more…]

Use the Symbol Navigator in Xcode

Xcode's Symbol navigator allows you to browse through the symbols in your project — just click the Symbol button on the Navigator selector bar. Note that you need to wait until Xcode finishes indexing [more…]

The iPad and iPhone App Life Cycle

Although simple for the eventual user, the birth, life, and death of an iOS application is a pretty complex process. In this article, see what happens throughout the time that the user launches the app [more…]

The UIApplicationMain Function in iOS

The UIApplication object provides the application-wide control and coordination for an iOS application. It's responsible for handling the initial routing of incoming user events [more…]

Handling Events while Your iOS Application Is Executing

Most events sent to an iOS application are encapsulated in an event object — an instance of the UIEvent class. In the case of touch-related events, the event object contains one or more touch objects [more…]

What to Do with Interruptions to Your iOS Application

On an iOS device running iOS 4.2 or newer versions, various events besides termination can interrupt your app to allow the user to respond — for example, calendar alerts or the user pressing the Sleep/Wake [more…]

How Interruptions Are Handled in iOS

If the user responds to the interruption (the SMS message for example) or has launched another application, your application is moved to the background. [more…]

What Makes a Great iOS Application

You use the same Software Development Kit and much of the same code to develop iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch applications. The iPad runs the same operating system as the iPhone and iPod touch. However, [more…]

Provide an Immersive Experience with Apps for the iPad

An iPad app can offer a more immersive experience compared with an iPhone app by adding more content — full pages from the Internet or in memory, maps you can zoom in to, full-screen videos and slide shows [more…]

Make iOS 6 App Content Relevant for iPhone and iPad

The iPad’s large display may tempt you to consider a design for your iOS 6 app that would look good on a laptop. But you shouldn't forget the first rule of iPhone design: Make its content and functions [more…]

Design iOS 6 Apps for the Larger iPad Screen

The important design decision to make when developing mobiles apps for iOS 6, whether you’re starting from scratch with a new iPad app or evolving one from an iPhone app, is whether to use the large iPad [more…]

iOS 6 Advantages: Developing Apps for iPad and iPhone

One of the keys to developing a great mobile app for iOS 6 is taking advantage of what the device offers. In the case of a new platform with new possibilities, exploiting advantages is especially important [more…]

Access the Internet with iOS Device

An iOS device can access websites and servers on the Internet through Wi-Fi or optional 3G or 4G services. This Internet access gives you the capability to create apps that can provide real-time information [more…]

Track Location and Motion with iOS Location Services

You can develop an iOS 6 app that can determine the device’s current location or even be notified when that location changes, using iOS location services. As people move, it may make sense for your app [more…]


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