Mobile App Development Basics

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How to Navigate the Toolbar and Tab Bar of the Workspace Window for iOS App Development

The toolbar includes Workspace-level tools for managing and running schemes (instructions on how to build your app), viewing the progress of (executing) tasks, and configuring the Workspace window. That’s [more…]

How to Navigate the Organizer Window for iOS App Development

The Organizer window is helpful because it enables you to do supplemental tasks for your iOS app project. These tasks include things such as accessing documentation and managing devices, archives, and [more…]

What You Should Know about the iPad’s Split Views for App Development

Although it’s true that on the iPhone, you often see only one view at a time, on the iPad you get to see two views, courtesy of the Master-Detail Application template [more…]

What You Should Know about iPad Navigation to Develop Your iOS App

Although the iPhone and iPad are very similar, one area in which they differ is in how a user can navigate through an iOS application. For example, in iPhone apps that use a master-detail architecture, [more…]

What Should I Do When the Normal Processing of My iOS Application is Interrupted?

On an iOS device, various events besides termination can interrupt your app to allow the user to respond and your app moves into the inactive state. If the user chooses to ignore an interruption, your [more…]

How to Navigate the Xcode Source Editors for iOS App Development

Most iOS app development work in Xcode is done in the Editor area, the main area that's always visible within the Workspace window. The Editor area can also be further configured, with the Standard editor [more…]

What Changes Were Made in iOS 7?

iOS 7 introduces a major revision to the user interface of iOS. This is helpful information for app developers. It addresses two main issues: the dated look of the interface and the fact that content was [more…]

10 Ways to Be a Happy iOS App Developer

In iOS app development, those problems you put off until tomorrow will catch up with you early and often, so here are a few things to pay attention to from the very start in app development, as well as [more…]

What Makes a Great iOS App

A great iOS app can be described simply: It helps people do something that they want to do; it does it well; it does it when and where people want to do it; and it disappears. Because you can leverage [more…]

How to Exploit Advantages of the iOS System

One of the keys to creating a great iOS app is taking advantage of what the device offers. In the case of a new platform with new possibilities, exploiting advantages is especially important. The combination [more…]

Device Limitations You Should Know for iOS App Development

Along with all the amazing features, the iPhone, and even the iPad, have some limitations. The key to successful iOS app development — and to not making yourself too crazy — is to understand those limitations [more…]

What You Should Know about the Deadly Retain Cycle for iOS App Development

ARC works very well to manage memory for your iOS app except in one circumstance. You need to understand how that circumstance can arise, and what you’ll need to do to keep it from happening. [more…]

Why You Should Develop iOS Apps

Why should you develop iOS apps? Because you can. Because it’s fun. And because the time has come (today!). iOS apps are busting out all over, and developers have been very successful. [more…]

Building iOS 6 Apps Using Delegates with Views and Other Classes

The following section includes delegates used in iOS application development. Exceptions to when you need to use a delegate are shown in italics in the Delegate Protocol column. [more…]


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