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How to Add Outlets to a Modal View Controller in Your iPad App

Before using Interface Builder to create the elements for the Modal view of your iPad app, you should first put outlets in your app's code that will connect your methods to the Interface Builder interface [more…]

How to Add Methods to a Modal View Controller in Your iPad App

If your iPad app has a Modal view, you need to add methods to the SettingsViewController.m(implementation) file. These methods manage the iPad app's Modal view and perform any user-input actions. [more…]

How the In App Purchase Feature Works with Your iPad App

Apple offers the In App Purchase feature, which enables the app users to purchase virtual items directly from inside the app. If you're developing a game app with multiple levels or environments, or virtual [more…]

How to Become an Apple Registered Developer

If you want to submit iPad apps to Apple, you must become an Apple Registered Developer and obtain your Apple ID. If you don't want to join the Developer Program right away, you can register first for [more…]

Understanding Graph API — or Facebook Development — Syntax

Understanding the basic syntax of Facebook's Graph API is all you need to get started in Facebook development. Graph API's simple syntax is this: [more…]

What Is the Windows Phone Emulator?

Use the Windows Phone Emulator to see how your app executes and debug it before you put it in the marketplace. The Windows Phone Emulator is a high-fidelity and high-performance virtualization environment [more…]

Downloading Tools to Develop Apps for Windows Phone 7

To begin developing apps for Windows Phone 7, you need some basic tools. Luckily, Microsoft's App Hub is all about Windows Phone 7. Follow these steps, using the PC you plan to use for development: [more…]

Windows Phone 7 Application Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you have a great new idea for an app that will run on Windows Phone 7, start by downloading the free Windows Phone Developer Tools from the Microsoft website. The process takes a look at what you have [more…]

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Mobile Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) along with JavaScript allows you to create sites adapted for the emerging mobile-technology market. These technologies have advanced [more…]

Mastering Common Tasks of Android App Development

Android app development involves many tasks, including designing and building the core of your application; determining user interface components; and, importantly, making your Android app commercially [more…]

Android: Using the Eclipse IDE for Java Development

Nowadays, software tool developers use an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for easier Java development. The most widely accepted IDE among Java developers is Eclipse. This table gives you quick [more…]

Android 3 SDK Programming For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Android is an open source, Linux- and Java-based, software framework for mobile and portable devices. The Android operating system has a well-designed Java-based SDK to make developing apps straightforward [more…]

App Store Submission Checklist

Forgetting items from the submission you make to the Android Market or Apple App Store will lead to rejection. Prepare your app-store submission by ensuring that you have included each of the items on [more…]

Flash Professional Keyboard Shortcuts

Although you can accomplish every task in Flash Professional by using the mouse and the application bar menu, using keyboard shortcuts can help you work faster. Here are some of the most useful keyboard [more…]

Flash Builder Keyboard Shortcuts

As you develop mobile apps for Flash, you'll find that Flash Builder is much easier to work with when you use the little-known shortcuts hidden inside this powerful development tool. Here are the most [more…]

Flash Mobile Application Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Adobe Flash Professional and Adobe Flash Builder enable you to create mobile applications that can run on Android and iOS devices. By creating your application as a Flash application, you can use rich [more…]

Commonly Used Code in Android Application Development

"My app needs a broadcast receiver. Can someone remind me how I can code a broadcast receiver? And while you're at it, how does an activity return a result? Oh, heck. Where can I find all that stuff quickly [more…]

iPhone App Development: Understanding View Controller Methods

iPhone Application Developers struggle with knowing what view controller methods to use, and when. Picking the wrong method to refresh your user interface can result in an iPhone app that disappoints the [more…]

Navigating the Xcode Workspace Window for iPhone App Development

Xcode is essential for iPhone app development. And command central for Xcode is the Workspace window, where you perform all the tasks you need to do to develop your iPhone app. The Workspace window consists [more…]

Helpful Hints for Android App Development

While solving problems with Android is a simple task, you may get to the point in app development where you're not sure what to do. The following list should point you in the right direction when you’re [more…]

Useful Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts for Developing Android Apps

You’ll most likely spend most of your Android development career in the Eclipse IDE. The following table shows a few keyboard shortcuts that can help you save a lot of time. [more…]

Common Android Intent Usage

You’ll use a few basic intents most of the time while developing apps for Android. The following table shows you the code for several basic Android intents. [more…]

Developing Applications for Multiple Screen Sizes in Android

One of the challenges that you will encounter during your time as an Android app developer is developing for multiple screen sizes. There are many things to keep in mind during your adventure into screen [more…]

Android Application Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Developing Android applications calls for familiarity with a development environment, an SDK, emulators, and the Android platform. Immersing yourself into the various screen sizes, framework intricacies [more…]

Accessing the Best of WinRT with WinJS

The best bits of WinRT can be accessed from JavaScript thanks to WinJS — a new library for Windows 8 programming from Microsoft. The WinJS library gives HTML5 programmers the ability to get to all of the [more…]


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