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Beginning HTML5 and CSS3

How to Organize HTML5 Text

Beyond their mandatory division into head and bodysections, text in the body of an HTML document may be organized in any number of ways. [more…]


Named Colors and Hex Values in HTML

The following table contains a list of named colors you can use in HTML and CSS code to create a more colorful Web site. The colors are given with their corresponding RGB hexcode values and a representative [more…]


New HTML 5 Elements

Below is a list of all the new elements proposed for introduction in the HTML5 specification in alphabetical order, with a brief description and an associated markup category. [more…]

HTML5 and CSS3

How to Register a Domain Name for Your HTML5 and CSS3 Site

Here, you will find out how to register a domain for your HTML5 and CSS3 site using Check the documentation on your hosting service. Chances are that the main technique is similar, even [more…]

HTML5 and CSS3

How to Manage Data Remotely for HTML5 and CSS3 Programming

HTML5 and CSS3 websites often work with databases. Your hosting service may have features for working with MySQL databases remotely. You should understand how this process works because it's often slightly [more…]