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Standardized Naming Conventions for Visual Basic .NET

When you’re programming, names are important. If you’re programming with Visual Basic .NET, the following table can be a major help in getting the names right. It gives the common prefix to use when naming [more…]

Visual Basic.NET All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Visual Basic.NET helps even those with no programming experience write sophisticated programs for Windows with ease. Becoming familiar with the Visual Basic.NET naming conventions and data types sets you [more…]

Perl Pattern-Matching Quantifiers

Perl enables you to use common symbols to instruct the program you're writing to match data once, never, or up to a certain number of times. The following table shows you which symbol to use to get the [more…]

The Most Useful File Tests in Perl

Programming with Perl is fairly straightforward, which runs to the letters you use for file tests. For example, r tests whether a file can be read, and [more…]

Special Characters in Perl

Like any programming language, Perl uses special commands for special characters, such as backspaces or vertical tabs. So, if you need to program in a bell or a beep or just a carriage return, check the [more…]

Perl True-False Comparison Operators

When you're programming with Perl — or any other language — you use comparison operators all the time. The following table shows the common comparisons for Perl in both math and string form: [more…]

Common List Functions in Perl

Perl was originally designed to help process reports more easily. Reports often contain lists, and you may want to use Perl to perform certain functions within a list. The following table shows you common [more…]

Shortcuts for Character Ranges in Perl

You're programming along in Perl and want to use a code shortcut to represent anything from a number to a non-number to any letter or number. You're in luck, because the following table gives you the code [more…]

Perl For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Perl enables you to write powerful programs right from the start, whether you're a programming novice or expert. Perl offers the standard programming tools — comparison operators, pattern-matching quantifiers [more…]

MySQL Queries

If you're going to develop Web pages with PHP and MySQL, you're going to have to write MySQL queries. The following list shows the MySQL query names to help make your web development easier than you thought [more…]

WHERE Clause Format for PHP and MySQL Web Development

You’re developing Web pages using PHP & MySQL, and because you’re developing Web pages and/or databases, you need to write WHERE clauses so that you can sort through data. The following list shows the [more…]

Changes for the ALTER Query in PHP and MySQL Web Development

Using PHP and MySQL in developing your Web site and/or database means you often get do things the easy way, and the following list shows you just how easily you can change things [more…]

PHP and MySQL Functions

Doing Web development with PHP and MySQL, you need to use MySQL functions to run your subroutines, whether you’re writing a connect routine or a query. The following list shows the format for these functions [more…]

PHP Statements to Use for Web Development with PHP and MySQL

You'll use PHP statements when developing Web sites and databases with PHP and MySQL. The following list lays out the key PHP statements and the necessary format: [more…]

Special Characters Used in Patterns in PHP and MySQL Web Development

To search for patterns in Web sites and databases developed using PHP & MySQL, you use a list of special characters. You don’t have to channel Daffy Duck [more…]

PHP & MySQL Web Development AIO For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Using PHP and MySQL to develop your Web site and/or database gives you lots of tools and lots of options, but you have to become familiar with how each program operates so that you can properly format [more…]

SQL For Dummies Cheat Sheet

This Cheat Sheet consists of several helpful tables and lists, containing information that comes up repeatedly when working with SQL. In one place, you can get a quick answer to a number of different questions [more…]

Searching for Text in Eclipse

As your Eclipse project gets larger and more complex, being able to find specific snippets of Java code easily becomes important. Luckily, Eclipse offers you multiple ways to search for text in your Java [more…]

Dealing with Javadoc Comments in Eclipse

When you use Eclipse to write Java code, don't forget to edit the Javadoc comments (the things that start with /**). You can add useful information when you edit the Javadoc comments, and as you edit them [more…]

Getting Help from Eclipse

With both the complexity of Java and the nuance of Eclipse, you can't be expected to remember everything. Sometimes, you need a little more help from Eclipse to get your programming going. Luckily, Eclipse [more…]

Getting Things Done with Eclipse

Once you’ve installed Eclipse, take advantage of all the features to enhance the IDE (integrated development environment) and create effective Java applications. Check out all the stuff you can do: [more…]

Eclipse For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Eclipse is an open-source, integrated development environment and a great all-in-one tool for developing and running computer programs. It can help you with a multitude of projects, especially in Java. [more…]

How to Construct a Basic IF Statement in C

To really use the power of the C language, your programs need to make decisions. A computer can't think, but it can make comparisons, evaluate the results of the comparisons, and then act on that information [more…]

How to Construct a Basic IF-ELSE Statement in C

More often than not, your C-language programs react to an if comparison in two ways. First, they execute statements when a condition is true, but what happens when the situation is false? For example, [more…]

Choosing from Multiple Options in the C Language with ELSE-IF

The C language gives you a number of ways to build a program that makes a decision. If you need something to happen only when a particular prerequisite is met, C offers you the [more…]

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