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Get Set: HTML Horse Sense

People used to refer to common sense as "horse sense." Most things about HTML fall under the realm of horse sense. After you see HTML tags a few times, most of the rules [more…]

Linking Basics

Web hyperlinks — the connections that let you go from one Web page to another with a single click — are the key to what makes the Web great. They also can be a bit complicated to create, test, and maintain [more…]

Survival Skills for WebLogic Developers

As a WebLogic developer, it's important to know how to structure your applications and development environment. You must also know how to reach out to the WebLogic community when you run into problems. [more…]

Getting Down to Business with SQL Server 2005 Express

If you're wondering how you can get started using the product, that's what this article is all about. [more…]

Singling Out Stateless Session Beans in Enterprise JavaBeans

Stateless session beans — EJBs that complete a task in a single step — are arguably the simplest of all EJB components. They make minimal demands on the EJB component developer and are used to implement [more…]

Looking at the Pros and Cons of Using a Prefab Web Service

One of the great things about .NET is the capability to use someone else's software that was written as a Web service. This means that you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you need to incorporate [more…]

Figuring Out What XML Is Good For

Case studies of XML never fail to mention new and exciting possibilities where XML adds value to existing environments — or solves previously intractable problems. That's probably why XML applications [more…]

Examining Perl's Pluses for Programming

As programming languages go, Perl scores kudos for being easy to learn and easy to use. After studying just the basics of the language, you can write a small Perl program designed to do a simple task. [more…]

Delving Into the Enterprise JavaBeans Deployment Descriptor

Two major versions of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) deployment descriptors are currently in circulation. The EJB 1.1 deployment descriptor describes the structure and assembly of EJB applications built to [more…]

Analyzing Performance in Enterprise JavaBeans

Analyzing performance is probably one of the most complex tasks in designing any application. It's an imprecise science because there are many factors that come into play. These are augmented in Enterprise [more…]

Planning for Web Services: Gathering a Team

If you want to be successful in doing anything in life, you must plan. With real estate, you hear the often-quoted phrase, "location, location, location. [more…]

Saddling Up with HTML Horse Sense

People used to refer to common sense as "horse sense." Most things about HTML fall under the realm of horse sense. After you see HTML tags a few times, most of the rules [more…]

Looking Into Text and Tags

HTML documents contain text that you're working with and tags that determine document elements such as headings, lists, and paragraphs. In addition, HTML tags enable other objects, such as images; style [more…]

Working with Functions in C++

Developers often need the ability to break programs up into smaller chunks that are easier to develop. "Real world" programs can be many of thousands (or millions!) of lines long. Without this ability [more…]

Java Statements

Most syntax summaries list the details of each statement type using formal, esoteric descriptions. However, these examples of each statement type give a brief, informal description of the statement type's [more…]

Java For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Call it Java "syntax" or Java "grammar" -- when you write Java code statements, you have to know where to put the keywords, the parentheses, the semicolons, and all the other things. This cheat sheet summarizes [more…]

C++ Syntax that You May Have Forgotten

Remembering a bunch of C++ syntax can make you "loopy." The following samples show the syntax of some of the more easily forgotten C++ situations: a for [more…]

The Ten Most Common C++ Mistakes

Although many C++ programmers take measures to prevent bugs, mistakes still slip through. This list of the ten most common mistakes while writing C++ code can help both new and veteran programmers: [more…]

The Usual C++ Header Files

In C++, a header file holds forward declarations of identifiers. Here are some of the most common C++ header files that you’ll be using, along with their correct spellings. These aren’t by any means all [more…]

C++ All-In-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

C++ is a popular programming language because it’s powerful, fast, easy to use, standardized, and more. Whether you are new to C++ programming or an advanced user, check out the following information on [more…]

Expressions and Declarations in C++ Programming

To perform a calculation in the C=++ program you need and expression. An expression is a statement that has both a value and a type. In the C++ program, a declaration is statement that defines a variable [more…]

Operators in C++ Programming

All operators in C++ perform some defined function. This table shows the operator, precedence (which determines who goes first), cardinality, and associativity in the C++ program. [more…]

C++ for Dummies Cheat Sheet

Understanding and running C++ programming, which is the standard for object-oriented languages, is easier when you know the expressions, declarations, and operators to perform calculations. [more…]

Creating COM and .NET Objects with Windows PowerShell 2

PowerShell 2 enables you to automate your Windows operating system, which entails dealing with objects: COM objects are created using the New-Object method with the [more…]

How to Create and Run a PowerShell Script

As you automate your Windows operating system with PowerShell 2, it helps to know how to create scripts that you may be able to loop and use more than once. The steps to create a script follow: [more…]


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