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Using HTML Lists

People really like lists. Everywhere you look, you see lists. Here are three reasons why lists are a good thing — in a list, of course: [more…]

Touring the Design View of Visual Basic 2008

When you launch Visual Studio (usually by selecting its icon on your Start menu) and begin any visual project, you see the Design View. The Design View is where the Graphical User Interface [more…]

What Is Java, and Why Is It So Great?

Java is a programming language in the tradition of C and C++. As a result, if you have any experience with C or C++, you'll find yourself in familiar territory often as you learn the various features of [more…]

Appreciating HTML Frames

Frames add innovative navigation control because they enable you to display multiple HTML pages in one browser window and control the contents of each framed area individually. Designers commonly use frames [more…]

Using Layered Architectures in ASP.NET

One approach to designing Web applications is to focus on clearly defined layers of the application's architecture. This approach is similar to the way an architect designs a building. If you've ever seen [more…]

The Scoop on SQL and PL/SQL

As a database application developer, you interact with the Oracle DBMS by using the programming languages Structured Query Language (SQL, pronounced sequel [more…]

Getting a Handle on Computer Languages, C#, and .NET

Unfortunately, computers don't understand human language, they have their own languages. But programmers can create programs in a "middle ground" language that is not nearly as free as human speech but [more…]

Refining Your Understanding of Classes and Objects

When you program in Java, you work constantly with classes and objects. These two ideas are really important.

Close your eyes for a minute and think about what it means for something to be a chair. [more…]

Getting Your Game Published

Millions of people still like 2-D games despite the "coolness" factor that you get with 3-D. People who play 2-D don't care whether a game is 2-D, 3-D, or virtual reality; if it's fun, they'll play it. [more…]

Where Does SQL Server Express 2005 Work Best?

SQL Server 2005 Express brings a lot to the table, but when does it make sense to choose it as your data storage platform? Some insight follows. . . . [more…]

Discovering Visual Basic .NET's Internet Technology: ASP .NET

ASP .NET is the technology built into .NET that you use to create Web pages and other Internet-based applications. ASP.NET is not merely the next version of ASP [more…]

What Can I Do with JavaScript That I Can't Do with Web Languages?

HTML. DHTML. XML. JavaScript. Java. Flash. When it comes to Web development, the sheer array of languages and development tools can be confusing — and you might be left wondering which language is best [more…]

Understanding Observer Patterns

The Observer design pattern lets several observer objects be notified when a subject object is changed in some way. Each observer registers with the subject, and when a change occurs, the subject notifies [more…]

The Life Cycle of a Typical Computer Program

Few programs are written, released, and left alone. Instead, programs tend to go through various cycles where they get updated continuously so companies can sell the newer versions to new and existing [more…]

Avoiding Bugs in Your C++ Program

Don't start debugging your code until you remove or at least understand all the warnings generated during compilation. Enabling all the warning messages if you then ignore them does you no good. If you [more…]

The Life Cycle of a Java Object

As you work with objects in Java, understanding how objects are born, live their lives, and die is important. This topic is called the life cycle of an object, and it goes something like this: [more…]

Understanding Perl Strings

Text items in Perl are called strings. A string is zero or more characters put together in a single chunk. A character is anything that you can type, such as letters, digits, punctuation, and spaces. Strings [more…]

Building Custom Code with Java API for XML Binding (JAXB)

You can build customized code with JAXB — the Java API for XML Binding. With JAXB, you take an XML document and you make a Java class file that's perfect for processing the document. When your needs change [more…]

More SQL Server 2005 Express Troubleshooting Tips

Predicaments are possible with SQL Server 2005. Here's a smattering of those that you're likely to encounter. [more…]

Determining Types of Numbers in C

One of the frustrating aspects of the C programming language is the C Numeric Data Type Puzzle. Unlike in real life, where you can just pull any number out of the ethers and be joyously happy with it, [more…]

Avoiding Mistakes as a Game Programmer

You can make about 10 billion general mistakes when you write a game and an other 100 billion technical mistakes. Here are some common mistakes that span the spectrum of game development. [more…]

A Few SQL Server 2005 Express Troubleshooting Tips

As an entry-level database server that is built on the same platform as the entire SQL Server product family, SQL Server 2005 Express combines simplicity with great power and a massive set of features. [more…]

Considering the Various Uses for the PHP Scripting Language

PHP is a general-purpose language that can be used to write general-purpose scripts. Scripts are computer files containing instructions in the PHP language that tell the computer to do things, such as [more…]

Using Visual Basic .NET to Manipulate Your Windows

Visual Basic .NET gives you three ways to display windows on the screen. [more…]

Digging into Bitmaps with DirectDraw

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, many games, such as Tail Gunner (see Figure 1), used vector graphics displays — displays made up of lines. After a while, raster displays that draw bitmaps replaced all [more…]


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