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Defining VBA and Its Uses

VBA, which stands for Visual Basic for Applications, is a programming language developed by Microsoft — you know, the company run by the richest man in the world. Excel, along with the other members of [more…]

Creating Event-Handling Procedures with Visual Basic .NET

Whenever the user takes any action, such as clicking the mouse, pressing a key, passing out on the keyboard, or putting a bullet through the monitor, the action is called an [more…]

Understanding Java's Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Java is object-oriented. What does that mean? Unlike languages, such as FORTRAN, which focus on giving the computer imperative "Do this/Do that" commands, object-oriented languages focus on data. Of course [more…]

Avoiding Mistakes in Java

The only people who never make mistakes are the people who never do anything at all. But careful planning can help you avoid some of the most common Java goofs, such as the following. [more…]

Working with Interface Windows in Cocoa

Perhaps the most important element of any GUI-based application is the window. In fact, it's so important that those guys from Redmond used it to name their operating system. The windows in an application [more…]

Saying Hello to Visual Basic 2005!

In this article, you'll get started with the classic Hello World program. Although this isn't the single most exciting application you can build, it helps to make sure that your development environment [more…]

Creating Source Code in C

When you create a program, you tell the computer what to do. Because the computer can't understand speech and because hitting it — no matter what emotional value that has for you — does little to the PC [more…]

Drawing Objects with Visual Basic

Despite the different varieties of user interfaces available, most graphical user interfaces share similar features such as displaying text or pictures in a [more…]

What Is Scripting, Anyway?

Why is this AppleScript stuff called scripting? The answer is unclear, but it was probably a marketing ploy to keep people from thinking about programming. While real people tend to think of programming [more…]

Picking a Program to Create with Visual Basic

After you load Visual Basic, the New Project dialog box appears, giving you two options. You can [more…]

Understanding Scope in Visual Basic .NET

VB.NET programs are subdivided into zones, just as the United States is divided into states, counties, and cities. Just as law enforcement agents have different sizes of jurisdictions [more…]

Exploring Database Design Tips

One of the most important aspects of any application-development project is the database design. And so, without further ado, here are some tips for designing good databases. [more…]

The Technical Details of Writing a Program

Few people create programs overnight. Instead, most programs evolve over time. Because the process of actually typing programming commands can prove so tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone, programmers [more…]

What Is Jakarta Struts?

Jakarta Struts is incredibly useful in helping you create excellent Web applications. When you use Jakarta Struts, your applications should work more effectively and have fewer bugs. Just as important [more…]

Knowing Just Enough about Relational Databases

Building a system in Oracle or some other relational database product does not automatically make it a relational database. Similarly, you can design a perfectly good relational database and implement [more…]

Building SQL Queries

SQL is almost English; it's made up largely of English words, put together into strings of words that sound similar to English sentences. In general (fortunately), you don't need to understand any arcane [more…]

Setting Up an Oracle Environment

If you want to set up a typical PL/SQL environment, you need the following components: [more…]

Troubleshooting a PHP Script

You just can't write scripts without making certain mistakes. The trick is to train yourself to recognize them, roll your eyes, say, "Not again," and just fix them. One error message that you'll see many [more…]

Creating the Source Program for Your First C# Console Application

Visual Studio 2008 includes an Application Wizard that builds template programs and saves you a lot of the dirty work you'd have to do if you did everything from scratch. [more…]

Considering META Tags

One of the most interesting, and controversial, tags in HTML is the META tag. That's because META tags affect how your Web page appears in search engines, and some people go to great lengths to have their [more…]

Making Generalizations in UML 2

It's natural to classify objects in categories and to organize categories into subcategories. If you look for a place to live, you find yourself categorizing a dwelling unit as a house, apartment, townhouse [more…]

Understanding Arrays in Java

An array is a set of variables that are referenced using a single variable name combined with an index number. Each item of an array is called an element. [more…]

Making Your Page Layouts Easier with Includes

A sample JSP page that is full of opportunities for refactoring — rewriting portions of code to make the resulting code simpler, more readable, and more efficient — is shown in Listing 1. [more…]

Setting Up Your Computer for PHP and MySQL Web Site Development

To use your local computer to develop your Web site, you must install a Web server, PHP, and MySQL. PHP and MySQL are free to download and use. [more…]

Building Graphics with Cocoa Programming

To do any type of graphics programming in Cocoa, familiarize yourself with a few important Cocoa data structures: NSPoint, NSRect, NSSize, and NSColor. You'll need them so they make a good starting point [more…]


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