Upgrading a CPU or Motherboard

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How to Select a New PC Motherboard

When you need a new motherboard on your PC, you may be overwhelmed by your motherboard-replacing options. Selecting a motherboard isn’t as complex as you might think, though. Keep these guidelines in mind [more…]

How to Install an Athlon or Pentium CPU in Your PC

Ready to install that new Athlon or Pentium CPU you bought for your PC? Remember, if you didn’t buy a combo motherboard with the CPU already installed, install your processor before you install the motherboard [more…]

How to Identify Your PC’s Microprocessor

It’s not easy to confirm that your PC has the microprocessor you bought. Even if you crack open the case, the microprocessor hides behind the little fan hat that it wears — and the microprocessor chip [more…]

How to Decide Whether to Upgrade Your CPU/Motherboard

Postpone a CPU/motherboard upgrade as long as possible. Upgrade your motherboard and CPU only after you exhaust the other possibilities. A major CPU/motherboard upgrade involves a some serious computer [more…]

Set the Number of CPUs to Speed up a Slow PC

Your PC may have a multi-core processor or multiple processors. Confirm that Windows is taking advantage of the extra processing power and, if not, fix it. This utility is available only in Windows 7 and [more…]

Your PC's Processor: The Foundation of Your Gaming PC

Where do you start when shopping or planning a rock-solid gaming machine? The real brawn behind any high-performance PC depends on the Big Three: your CPU, system memory, and graphics card. These are the [more…]

Should You Overclock Processors for Gaming PCs?

Today's gamers often turn a typical CPU or GPU into a hot rod processor with overclocking . . . instead of adding a supercharger, they use a technique called overclocking to make a processor work harder [more…]

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