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Where are Windows Shutdown Options?

Choosing a shutdown option involves finding where that option dwells in Windows and that depends on whether you are using Windows 7, Vista, or XP. The location varies, but generally speaking, you need [more…]

For Seniors: Set the Date and Time in Windows 7

Windows 7 normally keeps good track of the current date and time, but often with a new computer, you have to change the Windows time zone to match your location so it can maintain time accurately. [more…]

For Seniors: Create a Windows 7 User Account

Windows 7 allows you to create different user accounts so each person who uses the computer can work with his or her personal Windows environment. After multiple user accounts are created, each user of [more…]

For Seniors: Laptop Buying Decisions — Extras to Consider

There are many variables to consider when buying a laptop, and accessories you might wish to purchase. Variables you should consider include the type of processor, amount of memory and hard disk space, [more…]

Build Your Own PC Do-It-Yourself For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Whether you want to build a basic, mid-range, or high-end PC, make sure you have the necessary components and follow some general commonsense rules for easy assembly of your PC. Once you have your PC together [more…]

Use Applications Online on Your Windows 10 Laptop

Certain apps, such as Maps and People, are built into Windows 10. You may purchase or download and install other apps, such as drawing apps or television viewing apps like Netflix, or more robust applications [more…]

How to Use Microsoft Edge Favorites

If there’s a site you intend to revisit, you may want to save it to Microsoft Edge’s Favorites list in the Hub so you can easily go there again. [more…]

How to Find Content on a Web Page and Add Your Own Notes in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has all the bells and whistles. The Internet is a huge place, but the new Windows browser makes it easy to locate content and add notes to a web page. [more…]

How to Use Reading View and Add a Web Page to the Reading List in Microsoft Edge

If you want to do some laid-back browsing in Microsoft Edge, consider using the Reading view. It makes it easier to find what you need. And once you do, you can add a page to the Reading List for future [more…]

Microsoft Edge and Searching the Web with Cortana

With Windows 10, Microsoft introduces a brand new browser: Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge was designed to load web pages more quickly than its predecessor, Internet Explorer. It also features a less-cluttered [more…]

How to Use the News App on Your Windows 10 Laptop

The News app is one of the apps represented by a tile in the Start menu on your laptop. If you want to keep up to date with the world at large, consider using the Windows 10 News app. [more…]

How to Set Default Applications on Your Windows 10 Laptop

To make working with files on your laptop easier, you may want to control which applications are used to open files of different types by default. For example, you might always want word processed documents [more…]

How to Move Information between Applications on Your Windows 10 Laptop

The applications on your laptop are designed to make your life easier. Applications are often designed to allow you to move or copy content from one to the other. For example, you might copy an image on [more…]

Tips for Interacting with Cortana on Your Windows 10 Laptop

You can interact with Cortana through speech or text. You can speak to Cortana, starting with the phrase “Hey Cortana” or by clicking the microphone button in her search box. With the speech feature active [more…]

Using New Features on Your Windows 10 Laptop: Task View, Snap Feature, and the Action Center

With the emergence of Windows 10 comes new ways to interact with your laptop. You can use Task View to see any open apps you are using. The Snap feature gives you a new way to organize those apps. And [more…]

Understand Changes in Windows 10

One of the biggest changes in Windows 10 is how it’s been enhanced for those who have touchscreen-enabled laptops. In fact, you could use a laptop without a mouse and keyboard for the most part, if you [more…]

Explore Skype and Add Contacts on Your Windows 10 Laptop

Skype is a great way to stay in touch with others The Skype app is available for your Windows 10 laptop and enables you to send IMs to friends and make voice and video calls. Skype is available as a free [more…]

How to Send and Receive Instant Messages (IMs) in Skype on Your Laptop

The Skype app is a great option for staying in touch with loved ones. You simply have to download the Skype app on your Windows 10 laptop, and you are ready to send and receive instant messages. Just follow [more…]

Running Programs on Your Windows 10 PC

Your computer day involves more than just staring blankly at the monitor. Your supervisor is probably watching while you use the computer. When you work by yourself or are at home, please feel free to [more…]

How to Check the Network Type on Your PC

One of the most important things you do when first connecting to a network is to set the network type. This step is about security. Obviously, you want more network security when connecting to the car [more…]

How to Reset the Network Type on Your PC

Your PC has two network types, Public and Private. Say you goof and accidentally choose Public for your home network or Private (or Home) for Starbucks. If so, you need to change the network type. [more…]

Disconnecting from a Network and Forgetting a Wi-Fi Connection on Your PC

When you decide you no longer want your PC to be a part of a network, you can disconnect it from a network. You can also go one step further and forget a Wi-Fi connection if you don’t want your computer [more…]

Mapping a Network Drive on Your Windows 10 PC

If you find yourself accessing a shared network folder all the time, consider mapping that folder to a drive letter in your PC’s mass storage system. Just follow these steps: [more…]

AutoPlay Options on Your PC

Your PC doesn’t just sit there when other gizmos bump into it. The PC reacts instantly, installing software to access the gizmo. If the gizmo contains media, Windows asks you what to do next. That prompt [more…]

Watching TV on Your PC

Thanks to high-speed Internet, watching TV on your computer is no longer considered unholy. It used to be that to accomplish such a thing, you needed a hardware TV tuner jammed inside your computer. That’s [more…]


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