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How to Use Your PC’s Sleep Mode

Sleep mode, once known as Stand By or Suspend mode, saves energy but doesn’t quite turn the PC off. In Sleep mode, Windows saves what you're doing and then puts the computer to sleep — meaning into a special [more…]

How to Test Your Laptop’s Battery

Laptop batteries can fail, or over time can lose their ability to hold a charge. If your laptop suddenly stops cooperating, you can usually determine if a bad battery is causing the problem by removing [more…]

How to Program Your PC to Hibernate

You can save power and not-quite-exactly turn your PC by making it hibernate. When your computer hibernates, it saves all the memory — everything the system is doing — then turns the computer off. Hibernating [more…]

How to Restart or Shut Down a Locked-Up Computer in Windows Vista

In some cases, Windows fails to respond to keyboard and mouse commands. This is known as a locked-up or frozenstate. To restart or shut down a locked-up computer, you can try pressing special key combinations [more…]

How to Shut Down Windows on Your PC

You can turn your computer off by shutting it down. If you want to shut down your computer, rather than making it sleep or hibernate, you can. Be in charge! Shut down your PC whenever you please. [more…]

How to Change Your Laptop’s Power Button Functions in Windows XP

In Windows XP, you can control what your laptop does when you close the lid, or press the power or sleep button. You can access the Power button controls by following these steps: [more…]

How to Set Your PC’s Power Button Function

You can tell your PC’s power button exactly how you want it to act when you press it by specifying the button’s function. The power button’s possible functions vary. To change your PC power button's function [more…]

How to Put Your Laptop into Sleep Mode

All laptops have a special low-power mode, called Stand By mode or Sleep mode. In this mode, the computer is still on but power to certain areas is shut off. That way, you can keep the laptop ready for [more…]

How to Wake Up Your Sleeping Laptop

When there hasn't been any keyboard or mouse activity for a set amount of time, Windows may go into Stand By mode when you're using battery power. The idea here is to save power; when the computer thinks [more…]

Put Windows Vista in Sleep Mode

Sleep mode, once known as Stand By or Suspend mode, is an energy-saving way to not quite turn the PC off. In Sleep mode, Windows Vista saves what you’re doing and then puts the computer into a special [more…]

How to Heed Your Laptop’s Low Battery Warning in Windows Vista

Thanks to smart-battery technology, your laptop computer gives you a good deal of warning before the battery poops out. You get enough time to finish what you're working on, save, close programs, and shut [more…]

How to Properly Shut Down Your Laptop

Here are the not-so-obvious steps you need to take to properly shut down Windows and turn off your laptop when you're done for the day: [more…]

How to Shut Down Your Computer in Windows Vista

You may want to shut down your computer completely when you're done for the day, but Windows Vista gives you a few different options when you want to turn off your computer. Never fear, the following simple [more…]

How to Change Your Laptop’s Power Button Functions in Windows Vista

Windows Vista placed all your laptop’s power button and lid-closing functions in one handy spot. To get there, Choose Control Panel from the Start menu, and then click Power Options to display the Power [more…]

How to Put Your Laptop into Hibernation Mode

Hibernation is a useful power management feature that's often sadly ignored despite its great benefits. When you hibernate a laptop, you’re essentially turning it off. So, unlike Stand By [more…]

How to Shut Down When the Laptop Doesn’t Want To

Unlike with a desktop computer, it’s not that simple to turn off your laptop when it freezes up or misbehaves. You just can't yank that power cord from the wall on a laptop. The reason that it doesn't [more…]

How to Replace Your Laptop Battery

If your laptop battery fails or no longer holds a sufficient charge, you can easily replace it. Follow these steps: [more…]

How to Charge the Battery on Your Laptop

Charging your laptop battery is easy to do: Plug the laptop into a wall socket, and the battery begins to charge. Internally, the laptop switches from battery [more…]

What to Do When Your Laptop’s AC Adapter Fails

If your laptop doesn’t power up, you may need to check your AC adapter. The adapter plugs into wall current at one end and the computer at the other; in between is a sealed box that converts 100 to 240 [more…]

What to Do When Your Laptop Battery Dies

Eventually, your laptop's battery will die. It's inevitable. Just as humans are subject to death and taxes, batteries are subject to death. (Fortunately, the government hasn't figured out how to plunder [more…]

How to Monitor Your Laptop’s Battery in Windows Vista

You can keep an eye on how much battery life your laptop’s battery has by viewing the tiny battery icon on the system tray. The icon graphically shows how much power is left; the icon's color [more…]

How to Conserve Your Laptop's Battery Using Power Options

You can use the Power Options feature to help your laptop's battery last longer. You can also avoid using certain devices or ration their use to save a modicum of power. For example, by setting a lower [more…]

Put Windows Vista in Hibernate Mode

Use hibernation to save power and not-quite-exactly turn the PC off. Hibernation saves all the computer’s memory — everything the system is doing — and then turns the computer off [more…]

How to Extend the Life of Your Laptop Battery

You can extend the life of your laptop’s battery by using its hardware and software features strategically. [more…]

Your PC’s Setup Program

You might never need to run or access your PC’s Setup program, but it’s good to know how to get there, regardless. You use the Setup program, for example, when adding more memory to the computer, updating [more…]


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