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Troubleshoot PC Speakers when They Stop “Speaking”

The biggest issue with computer sound is not hearing anything. The solution is to follow a step-by-step process for eliminating the cause. [more…]

Test the Microphone on Your Windows PC

For a microphone to work on your computer, it must be plugged into the pink jack on your PC, unless it’s a USB microphone, which simply plugs into the USB port. [more…]

Troubleshoot Peripherals Using Windows Device Manager

Windows features a central location for all the hardware in your PC. It’s the Device Manager and it can be used as a troubleshooting tool. The Device Manager provides a central location for accessing the [more…]

How to Install a New Drive in Your PC

If you have decided that you need for file space or that you want to replace your old CD drive with an up-to-date DVD-RW, you need to know how to install one. It’s easier than you think. To shove a new [more…]

Get into the Guts of Your Computer

When you are troubleshooting a PC problem, you may have to get into the guts of the computer. If you diagnose the problem using software tools and realize that a part needs to be replaced or added, you [more…]

Inside Your PC’s Console

The inside of your computer may look scary. But rest assured: Anyone with relatively basic knowledge can update, fix, or maintain their computer. Not every computer looks the same inside, but every PC [more…]

Check for Loose Cables to Troubleshoot Some PC Problems

One of the most common causes of computer problems is that a connector comes loose. In order to troubleshoot, check all the cables on the outside of the computer. If you find all of those in place, you [more…]

How Your Computer Cools Itself

The cause of most PC console problems is heat. Electronics love the cold. But all that high-tech madness taking place inside your computer makes for a lot of heat. A major part of the console’s design [more…]

How to Replace the Power Supply on Your PC

If the power supply is dead, it needs to be replaced. You can pay to have this done or simply note the power supply’s product number and search for a replacement unit locally or on the Internet. The key [more…]

How to Replace the Clock Battery on Your PC

If your computer’s clock is consistently loosing time, you may need to troubleshoot this by replacing the battery. Computers keep track of time, but not reliably. A typical computer’s clock can be off [more…]

Understand Expansion Slots in Your PC

When you decide to expand your PC with a new device, you need to understand the expansion slots on your PC’s motherboard so you can determine what type of new device to buy. There are a bunch of different [more…]

How to Insert an Expansion Card in Your PC

If you are going to install a new device like a drive or a display adapter in your PC, that device will have an expansion card that inserts in an expansion slot. Expansion cards are almost tinker toy simple [more…]

Update a Display Adapter in Your PC

You add a new display adapter to your PC the same way as you add any expansion card. But beyond the physical installation, you need to be aware of a few things when performing this type of operation. [more…]

How to Remove an Expansion Card from Your PC

Devices inside your computer like DVD drives and display adapters sometimes stop working. Should this happen to you, you will need to remove the old device before you can replace it with a working one. [more…]

What to Know Before You Upgrade PC Memory

Your computer’s motherboard sports slots into which memory is plugged. What’s important is how those slots are filled with memory; you can’t just plug memory into the motherboard willy-nilly. [more…]

Upgrade the Memory in Your PC

If your PC is running slow, it may need a RAM (random access memory) upgrade. Most programs assume that your computer will have at least 2 GB RAM. If you have less then that or you are trying to run programs [more…]

What to Know Before You Upgrade PC Storage

Internally, you can add two types of drives to a computer console: a hard drive, also known as a disk drive, and an optical drive, also known as a CD or DVD drive. For the purposes of installing and upgrading [more…]

Choose a New Hard Drive for Your PC

The number-one thing to look for in a new hard drive is capacity. How much more space will the hard drive provide to store my stuff? Generally speaking, for second internal hard drives, get a drive that’s [more…]

Choose a New Optical Drive for Your PC

A second optical drive may seem excessive, but sometimes it’s necessary. For example, you might have a DVD drive and want a DVD-R/RW combo drive. Or, maybe you’re a gamer and you like to keep game discs [more…]

Troubleshoot Windows 7 Issues

Apparently Microsoft has realized the importance of PC troubleshooting and maintenance. Windows 7 features two locations to help you do both: the Action Center and the Troubleshooting window — a special [more…]

Troubleshoot Windows Vista Issues

Windows Vista has a very helpful utility for troubleshooting your PC. It is called the Problem Reports and Solutions tool. By activating this utility, Vista can help you locate potential problems before [more…]

How to Update Windows

The Windows operating system comes with the feature Windows Update. It uses the Internet to check for any available new files or patches. Go to the official Windows Update web page to bring the PC’s operating [more…]

Troubleshoot Issues with Windows Update

Windows Update is a handy feature, but it can create a problem or two of its own. What happens when you postpone an update? How do your reverse an update? If the update was automatic, how can you find [more…]

Troubleshoot a Slow PC in Windows 7

One way you can evaluate PC sluggishness in Windows 7 is to use the performance troubleshooter. This tool exists as an option for Windows 7 users only. It is not available in Vista or XP. It doesn’t always [more…]

How to Disable Unnecessary Services in Windows XP

A service is something a program does in Windows — specifically, a program that starts automatically whenever the computer starts. Most services are things that Windows does, and most of those services [more…]

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