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Navigate Mass Storage Devices in Your Windows PC

Mass storage devices are used to store your files in your PC. Windows provides ready access to storage media in your computer via the Computer window. In Windows XP, the window is titled My Computer. [more…]

Troubleshoot Issues with Adding New PC Storage Media

When you add new storage media in your PC, you might experience a few issues with adding new items to your PC’s storage system. First, let’s understand how you can add new storage to the system and how [more…]

Add New PC Storage Media

When you add new storage media in your PC, you might experience a few issues with adding new items to your PC’s storage system. First, let’s understand how you can add new storage to the system and how [more…]

Safely Remove Thumb Drives from Windows PCs

If storage devices are removed improperly, they can cause loss of data or Windows malfunctions. To prevent that, familiarize yourself with the proper way to remove drives. [more…]

Troubleshoot Master Boot Record Error Messages

A host of errors requiring your troubleshooting attention are associated with a bad, corrupt, or missing masterboot record, or MBR. These error messages appear when the computer starts — obviously, before [more…]

Troubleshoot Common PC CD/DVD/DVR Issues

Optical drives — aka CD, DVD, or DVR drives — are rapidly replacing diskette drives in today’s PCs so knowing how to troubleshoot some of the common issues will be important well into the future. [more…]

Troubleshoot PC DVR Recording Issues

Most PCs come with optical drives that allow you to record. When the record function doesn’t work, you need a few troubleshooting tools for checking both the DVR drive and the media that you put in it. [more…]

Configure AutoPlay for PC Optical Drives and Media

When your computer doesn’t know what to do with the disc in its optical drive, it presents you with options in the AutoPlay dialog box. You can customize AutoPlay settings, creating preset options for [more…]

Clean or Dispose of Optical Storage Media (CD/DVD)

If your CD or DVD is skipping or just not playing right, it may just need to be cleaned. If cleaning the disc doesn’t work, you may need to clean the drive. And if that doesn’t work, your disc is probably [more…]

Troubleshoot PC Restart Problems

Two ugly restart issues may plague you and summon your troubleshooting skills. The first is the random restart, which is unexpected. The second is the automatic restart, or re-restart, which is unwanted [more…]

Troubleshoot PC Power Management Issues

The same innovations that increase your PC’s energy efficiency can be a source of troubleshooting issues. When hardware engineers set out to enhance the way computers manage power, various solutions culminated [more…]

Properly Remove CDs or DVDs from Your PC

If storage media is removed improperly, it can cause loss of data. Then you will have a major troubleshooting issue on your hands. To prevent that, familiarize yourself with the proper way to remove media [more…]

Is My PC Hard Drive Partitioned?

A single physical hard drive can become one or more logical hard drives. In fact, it’s those logical drives you see in the Computer or My Computer window. That’s because Windows can use a hard drive only [more…]

Differences Between Older and Newer Printers

If you are going to troubleshoot in the personal computer world, you must be prepared to troubleshoot the printer as well as the computer. There have been rapid advances in printer technology recently, [more…]

Use Print Settings to Troubleshoot PC Printing

Printing from Windows PCs is pretty straightforward, but occasionally things don’t work exactly the way you would hop and you have to don your troubleshooting hat. In that case, the first thing you need [more…]

Use Page Setup to Troubleshoot PC Printing

The Print dialog box is where settings are made that affect how things are printed, but it’s not the only place to look to try to diagnose printing problems. Another location is the Page Setup dialog box [more…]

Manage Printers on a Windows PC

Windows sports a spot for showing which printers are connected to and used by your computer. You can use this box to install a new printer, set the default printer, or remove a printer. [more…]

View, Order, or Cancel Print Jobs on Windows PCs

When you print something in Windows, you’re creating a print job. That’s a good, general name for anything you print: Printing is handled by the operating system and not by individual programs. Therefore [more…]

Use the Printing Troubleshooter on Windows PCs

The Windows Help system contains a number of useful troubleshooting tools, which can often guide you to a quick solution by asking step-by-step questions. [more…]

Troubleshoot “The Print Out Doesn’t Look Right”

Sometimes the PC talks to the printer and the printer prints, but it certainly doesn’t look like what you expected. To troubleshoot that problem depends on exactly what the print out does look like. [more…]

Troubleshoot Printer Paper Jams

So, your printer has jammed and you need to troubleshoot. The solution to a printer jam is to find the jam and remove the paper. If the printer is smart enough to tell you where the jam occurred, heed [more…]

Print Envelopes from a Windows PC

Most printers have an envelope slot, feeder, or tray. The better printers even let you stack up envelopes for mass mailings. Finding the tray is the first step in printing an envelope. The second step [more…]

PC Graphics System Overview – The Monitor and more

Knowing all the parts of the PC’s graphics system is an important first step to troubleshooting problems with it. The monitor is only one part of your PC’s graphics system. It’s what you see. What you [more…]

Understand PC Graphics Display Adapters

If you ever have to troubleshoot issues with your computer’s monitor, it is helpful to know a little about the adapters the computer uses to talk to the monitor. There are different connectors, processors [more…]

Understand PC Monitors

Knowing some of the terminology associated with a PC monitor can come in handy if you have to troubleshoot monitor issues.

There are two flavors of monitor: LCD and CRT. The LCD is now more popular because [more…]


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