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Examples of Milestone PC Games

Following are three game franchises from three different gaming genres. Each of these games has proven itself to be the best of the best, and every dollar you spend on any game in the series is money well [more…]

How to Preview Objects in Your Farming Simulator Mod

A Farming Simulator map is really a compilation of different 3D assets, including props, terrain, buildings, and so on. Suppose you’re not interested in working with a full map, and you only want to have [more…]

How to Transform Objects for Your Farming Simulator Mod

The real fun with Farming Simulator begins with modifying and changing things. Adjusting the location, rotation, or scale of an object in 3D space is called [more…]

How to Prepare a Map Mod in Farming Simulator

Although the easiest way to get started with a map mod in Farming Simulator is to make changes to an existing map, just breaking open a map from the Farming Simulator installation folder and having at [more…]

How to Make Complex Selections in Farming Simulator’s Scenegraph

To select assets in Farming Simulator, you can simply click on objects on the map. However, some objects in the scene are difficult to see, and others are only selectable after you drill down through their [more…]

How to Use Interactive Placement in Your Farming Simulator Mod

You can transform (move, rotate, or scale) your selection in Farming Simulator using the transform gizmo or by adjusting values in the Attributes panel. Although doing so works fine within a limited area [more…]

How to Organize Your Map in Farming Simulator

You also want to consider overall organization when editing your Farming Simulator map. Maps can be large and contain multiple areas, each populated with many objects. If you’re not careful, you can easily [more…]

How to Trigger Events in Your Farming Simulator Map

Triggers are a big part of what makes a map interactive and fun to play in Farming Simulator. In short, a trigger is an object on your map that causes something to happen [more…]

How to Sculpt the Surface of Your Farming Simulator Map

You can get your digital hands dirty and start shaping the surface of your Farming Simulator map using the sculpting tools in GIANTS Editor. To begin sculpting, you must enter Terrain Sculpt Mode by clicking [more…]

Techniques for Sculpting the Surface of Your Farming Simulator Map

The real fun comes in making real, actual changes to the topography of your FarmingSimulator map. Don't like that hill? Flatten it out! GIANTS Editor provides some very powerful terrain-editing tools that [more…]

How to Paint Textures on Your Farming Simulator Map

If you started with an existing Farming Simulator map, you may now have a road texture that runs over a mountain range, rock textures where you want a grassy field, or raw dirt that should be a park. You [more…]

How to Add Particles in Your Farming Simulator Mod

The absolute easiest way to get a particle system added to your Farming Simulator mod is to copy in an existing particle system into your mod. You can do this all from within GIANTS Editor using the following [more…]

How to Create Farmable Land on Your Farming Simulator Map

Since you’re in Farming Simulator, it’s likely you will want to create some farmable land. Approach the process of creating fields the same way you would if you were farming in real life. Just use this [more…]

How to Add Plant Life to Your Farming Simulator Map

You will need plant life on your Farming Simulator map. To include foliage to your land, use the exact same steps for painting foliage as you would for painting terrain detail. From the Foliage Layer Painting [more…]

How to Add Spaces for Animals to Your Farming Simulator Map

You can designate areas of your Farming Simulator map for raising various types of livestock. The default map offers the capabilities for cows, sheep, and chickens. Of course, other mods out there allow [more…]

How to Modify Material Properties in Your Farming Simulator Mod

In GIANTS Editor, the Material panel is where you can make the necessary tweaks you want in Farming Simulator; however, the Material panel isn’t visible when you launch GIANTS Editor. To enable it, go [more…]

How to View Material Textures in Your Farming Simulator Mod

The Material panel gives you the ability to view and change textures on 3D objects in your Farming Simulator mod. This is particularly useful if you’ve converted the PNG texture images exported from your [more…]

How to Work with the Particle Editor for Farming Simulator Modding

Opening up an existing particle system and playing with its settings in Farming Simulator is the best way to understand how particles work in GIANTS Editor. One good one to play with is the waterfall particle [more…]

How to Define Farming Simulator Mod Title and Descriptions

A set of tags used to name and describe your Farming Simulator mod appears within the modDesc tag of your mod’s modDesc.xml. The content of these tags doesn’t show up in the in-game store, but GIANTS Engine [more…]

How to Add In-Game Store Items to Your Farming Simulator Mod

After you have your modDesc.xmlcreated, you need to make your Farming Simulator mod visible to the in-game store, which is why the storeItems section of the file exists. The convention is to put the [more…]

How to Include Specializations in Your Farming Simulator Mod

You need some way to let GIANTS Engine and Farming Simulator know about your new and awesome mod. Of course, the way to do that is through the modDesc.xml [more…]

How to Set Up a New Scene in Your Farming Simulator Mod

If you make a lot of Farming Simulator mods, you can find yourself spending a lot of time just setting up a scene and configuring some basic settings each time. Rather than go through these steps over [more…]

How to Establish Object Hierarchy in Your Farming Simulator Mod

From working with the Scenegraph in GIANTS Editor, you know the importance of having a clear object hierarchy with your Farming Simulator mod. That means objects in your model should be organized via parent-child [more…]

How to Define Material Settings in Your Farming Simulator Mod

Setting up a material for your Farming Simulator mod in Blender is remarkably easy. For the most part, you stick with the default settings for the following on your mod: [more…]

How to Unwrap Objects for Texturing in Your Farming Simulator Mod

Before you can texture your Farming Simulator model, you need to unwrap your mesh. Unwrapping is the process used to map a pixel’s location on the image to a corresponding location on the mesh in 3D space [more…]


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