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The Different Types of PC Chipsets

The types of PC chipsets, the graphics processing unit (GPU) “brains” that power 3D video cards, out there don’t really have many differences. Although chipset makers want you to believe theirs are superior [more…]

How to Play with Puzzles in Windows Vista

Free Cell is for Windows XP. Vista users will become addicted to picture puzzles, a fun application that lets you try to arrange puzzle pieces into a picture or play a number puzzle. If you're already [more…]

Different Types of PC Game Controllers

Because modern computer-game players want a lot more than a joystick and one button, the PC game controller has arrived. Game controllers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A game controller for just [more…]

For Seniors: Play Solitaire on a Windows Computer

Windows provides many games such as Solitaire that you can play for fun and to relieve stress. You play Windows Solitaire like you might play real solitaire, by arranging cards in order on-screen. [more…]

For Seniors: Play FreeCell on a Windows Computer

FreeCell is a variation of solitaire you can play in Windows. Games such as FreeCell are often just what you need to do in Windows to recharge your batteries after a long day. [more…]

For Seniors: Play Spider Solitaire on a Windows Computer

Windows provides many games such as Spider Solitaire that you can play for fun. You play Windows Spider Solitaire like you might play real solitaire, by arranging cards in order on-screen. [more…]

For Seniors: Play Minesweeper on a Windows Computer

Playing Windows' games such as Minesweeper allow you to clear your mind with a few minutes of fun. With Windows Minesweeper, the object is to flip over all the tiles without blowing up [more…]

For Seniors: Play Hearts on a Windows Computer

Windows provides many games such as Hearts that you can play for fun and to relieve stress. You play Windows Hearts like you might play the real game of Hearts, by winning tricks while taking the least [more…]

For Seniors: Play Chess Titans on a Windows Computer

Chess is an ancient game of strategy. If you’re a chess buff, you’ll enjoy playing Chess Titans in the Windows version of chess, which pits you against a computer opponent. [more…]

For Seniors: Play Checkers on a Windows Computer

Windows Checkers is easy to play, and a great stress reliever. The Windows version of checkers is an online game where you match your checker-playing skill with another player. [more…]

Top Ten Requirements for a Great Gaming PC

A PC intended for intensive gaming has a few more requirements than your standard home or business computer. Whether you buy or build your great gaming PC, it should include these ten important hardware [more…]

Your PC's Processor: The Foundation of Your Gaming PC

Where do you start when shopping or planning a rock-solid gaming machine? The real brawn behind any high-performance PC depends on the Big Three: your CPU, system memory, and graphics card. These are the [more…]

Your PC's Memory Is Critical for a Gaming PC

A gaming PC with less than 8GB of RAM is doomed to slower performance with the latest titles. And not just any RAM will do for a high-performance PC, either. Although most PC owners tend to think that [more…]

Great Gaming PCs Need Great Graphics Cards

A major element in any great gaming PC is the graphics card — in fact, most of the hard-core gaming community have graphics cards (in the plural) because most of the current crop of cards are designed [more…]

What Version of Windows Is Best for Gaming?

Which version of Windows is best for gaming is a question that crops up often in Internet gaming forums, and those discussions can get heated! Typically, the argument involves two camps, each of which [more…]

Should You Overclock Processors for Gaming PCs?

Today's gamers often turn a typical CPU or GPU into a hot rod processor with overclocking . . . instead of adding a supercharger, they use a technique called overclocking to make a processor work harder [more…]

Are All Game Controllers Created Equal?

Although game controller is used as a generic term (indicating any hand-held, desk-bound, or portable device that accepts player input), there are actually four basic types of controllers in use today. [more…]

Keyboard and Mouse Options for PC Gamers

Many ace players swear by the gaming keyboard and mouse/trackball combo. You may be wondering what could possibly be done to these two venerable input devices that would make them so attractive for gamers [more…]

2 VoIP Programs for Great In-Game Chatter

One of the most appealing features of today's games is the capability to converse with other players from your PC in real time using VoIP (short for Voice over Internet Protocol). You may already be familiar [more…]

Gaming Glasses for the Dedicated Gamer

There's a recent arrival to gaming with close ties to the world of high-definition TVs: gaming glasses, which offer 1080p HD 3D play on your PC. You can also use these glasses to watch 3D Blu-Ray movies [more…]

PC Gaming through the Steam Cloud

The biggest change in gaming over the last decade is Steam. Steam is a free Internet service that puts your game software online, like the movies and music you've probably bought and downloaded from vendors [more…]

Compare PC Gaming Hardware with Benchmarks

Benchmarks — when it comes to comparing graphics cards, the gaming world seems to revolve directly around them. If you’re not familiar with a performance [more…]

Screen Recording Programs for Your PC Gaming Battles

Using today’s crop of screen recording programs you can relive a particularly good match from one of your favorite games. These applications capture whatever’s displayed on your screen as a video clip, [more…]

Emulators: How to Play Games for Other PC Systems

How do you relive classic games designed for systems as far back as the early 80s without spending an arm and a leg on antique hardware? With emulators, you can use your PC to “trick” those classic games [more…]

What Makes a Milestone PC Game?

Even if you’re just getting started in PC gaming, you may already have an idea of what genre you’d like to play: flight or driving simulators, 3D first-person shooting games, real-time or turn-based strategy [more…]


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