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How to Test Whether Your PC Has Enough Memory

Knowing how much memory is in your PC is one thing, but knowing whether that amount is enough is entirely different! The amount of memory your PC needs depends largely on the memory requirement of your [more…]

How to Install a Hard Drive on Your Laptop

The best laptops make changing a hard drive as easy as swapping a battery. In the below figure you can see one example of a laptop hard drive in a carrier and the empty bay awaiting its installation. [more…]

Add More Memory to Your PC

Adding more memory, or RAM, is the best thing you can do for your PC. More memory provides an instant boost to the system.

Adding memory to your computer is simple. However, adding memory isn’t something [more…]

How to Insert a Memory Card into Your PC

To use a memory card, just plug that memory card into the proper card slot, located either directly on the PC's console or via a memory card adapter attached to a USB port. Windows instantly recognizes [more…]

What Type of Computer Memory You Need

If you want to upgrade your computer’s memory, you need to know what kind of memory it needs. Here are two methods to determine which type of memory modules your current motherboard requires and which [more…]

How to Add External USB Storage to Your Laptop

One of the most common thingies to add to a laptop is a USB storage device, such as a flash memory card reader or USB flash drive. Both these devices meld into your laptop computer system just like any [more…]

Find Out How Much Memory Your PC Has

To determine how much memory (also known as RAM) is in your computer, open the System window. To open the System window and view your memory, press Win+Break on your keyboard. See the following figure. [more…]

How to Shut Down Your Computer in Windows Vista

You may want to shut down your computer completely when you're done for the day, but Windows Vista gives you a few different options when you want to turn off your computer. Never fear, the following simple [more…]

How to Add External Storage to Your PC

If you want more storage for your PC, you can attach an external storage device. To add an external storage media (an external disk drive or flash drive) to your computer: [more…]

How to Eject a Memory Card from Your PC

You can’t just yank out a memory card that you’ve put in your PC. It may be tempting. But if you do pull out the memory card without properly ejecting it, the memory card can be damaged or the information [more…]

How to Eject a Disc from Your PC

After you insert a disc into your PC’s disc drive, you eventually want to get that disc back out. Ejecting a disc from a PC running Windows is a pretty simple process. To eject a disc from a DVD drive: [more…]

USB Flash Drives for Your PC

The USB flash drive is a unique kind of PC storage toy. The keychain-size flash drive needs no batteries and has no moving parts! Instead, the USB flash drive uses the same method that digital cameras [more…]

RAM, ROM, and Flash Memory

So, what are RAM, ROM, and flash memory? All three are kinds of computer memory, but RAM, ROM, and flash memory interact each in their own way with the data that they store. Here’s a quick explanation [more…]

How to Install a Generic Drive in Your Laptop

You may be able to purchase a “bare” mobile hard disk drive from a computer parts supplier and install it in your laptop. A bare drive is sold as a simple spare part, without all the fancy packaging and [more…]

The Types of PC Backup Drives

Backup drives used to mean inexpensive, slow-running tape drives. Today, even high-priced digital audiotape (DAT) backup drives are losing ground fast in the backup drive world. Instead, you now have three [more…]

Add External Storage to Your PC

To add external storage media to your computer, such as an external disk drive or a flash drive, simply plug it in to a USB port. The external storage media may also require power, and if so, plug the [more…]

How to Remove External Storage from Your PC

Although you can easily unplug any USB device from your computer at any time, don’t just unplug an external storage device. Because the computer may be using the external storage, remove the external drive [more…]

How to Remove USB External Storage from Your Laptop

Just as there’s a proper way to shut down your laptop, there’s a proper way to remove any USB device or external storage drive that you have plugged in. Sure, you can just yank the USB drive out of the [more…]

Computer Storage

Your computer needs storage because the processor needs a place to perform its magic — a scratchpad for mad doodles, if you will. All computers need storage. On a modern computer, storage comes in two [more…]

Memory Cards

The memory card is the most recent form of permanent computer storage technology. The general term memory card applies to all the different types of solid-state storage devices. These memory cards vary [more…]

The Types of PC CD/DVD Recorder Drives

Your PC may have a CD/DVD recorder drive, which allows you to create your own CD or DVDs, recording data, music, or video. On the CD and DVD recording scene, you find five types of drives: [more…]

Remove a USB External Storage Device

Removing a USB external storage device involves more than simply unplugging it. To remove a USB external storage device, you must follow certain steps to ensure that data is not lost from the device. [more…]

How to View Permanent Storage in Windows

Windows lets you view all permanent storage devices in the computer in one central location: the Computer window. That window is configured to display storage devices in categories to make for easy storage-device [more…]

How to Insert a Disc into Your PC

Your PC has at least a CD drive. It may also have a separate DVD drive. Or, most commonly, it has a combination drive that can read both CDs and DVDs. You need to get that CD or DVD into your PC to put [more…]

Storage Area Network (SAN) Acronyms

Learning about storage-area networks (SANs) means becoming familiar with new phrases and their acronyms. Don't worry — SAN terms and abbreviations will become easy to remember with time and practice. To [more…]


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