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3D Printing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

3D printing starts with a virtual 3D model that is transformed into solid form one layer at a time. Each layer is built on top of the layer before, creating a solid form representing the virtual 3D model [more…]

Capturing a 3D Object Using 123D Catch

Capturing the 3D object model of an existing object can be performed by scanners or using free software available via your web browser that calculate the physical dimensions of the object by comparing [more…]

Preparing Future 3D Designers

3D printers can assist in the preparation of future operators and designers who can make the next generation. To best exploit the capabilities of 3D printers, designers need to think differently. In addition [more…]

Creating a 3D Object Using TinkerCAD

Creating your own 3D object is very easy and can be performed using free software available via your web browser, so you do not have to install anything to get started. For this demonstration, we will [more…]

Bringing About the 3D Printing Revolution

Additive manufacturing starts with a virtual 3D object model that is built in solid form one layer at a time, unlike traditional manufacturing which uses injected material in a pre-formed mold or carving [more…]

10 Options for RepRap 3D Printers' Electronics and Extruders

RepRap 3D printers use the popular open-source Arduino microcontrollers along with stepper motor controllers and motors and sensors for movement control. Some custom 3D printer boards integrate the Arduino's [more…]

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