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10 Great Raspberry Pi Online Resources

The Internet is a wealth of information on the Raspberry Pi, some more reliable than others. Here are some extremely useful and reliable sites — ones you’ll want to check regularly: [more…]

Recognizing and Coping with Contact Bounce on the Raspberry Pi

You may need to cope with contact bounce for your next Raspberry Pi project. Reading a switch is quite simple. It returns either a 0 or a 1, depending on whether the switch is pressed. Switches should [more…]

Raspberry Pi Projects: LEGO Brick Alternate Language

Need a new Raspberry Pi project? You can run quite a few third-party languages on the LEGO brick, but ev3dev puts a cut-down version of Linux on the brick. You don’t need to change anything on the brick [more…]

What to Expect in Raspberry Pi For Dummies

Raspberry Pi For Dummies co-author Sean McManus offers a quick overview of the fun and many uses you can have with the Raspberry Pi computer — from set up and Linux OS basics to editing documents and [more…]

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