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Do’s and Don’ts of Home Computer Recycling

To stop the growing problem of e-waste (illegally discarded computers), use the green practice of recycling. The following list outlines what you can and can't do with your old home computer: [more…]

What Actions Add CO2 to the Environment?

Reducing our carbon footprint by lowering CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions means being aware of what daily activities pollute the environment and making better choices to reduce the impact you have on the [more…]

CO2 Emissions Measuring Tools

How much CO2 is going into the environment? If you’re wondering about how much carbon dioxide is released into the air from your actions, use these resources to find out: [more…]

Tips to Reduce Your Home Computer’s Power

Reducing the amount of power your computer uses conserves resources and lowers CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions. Here are some guidelines that can help you cut back on the energy your home computer consumes [more…]

Helpful Resources for Buying Green Home Computer Equipment

Want to purchase environmentally friendly home computing equipment but don't know where to turn? Use the following resources to green up your home computer and cut your energy costs: [more…]

Green Home Computing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Being green with your home computing practices starts with reducing the amount of power you spend on your home computer. Deciding to buy a new green home computer involves research and recycling your old [more…]

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