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How to Bookmark a Windows Vista Help and Support Center Article

Vista’s Help and Support Center ties directly into the Microsoft Windows Help Web site. If you know the trick, you can bookmark a specific Windows Vista Help and Support Center article. Once you've opened [more…]

How to Use Advanced Search to Find Files in Windows Vista

In most cases, performing simple searches in Windows Vista can find the files you need. However, if you know how to use Advanced Search to find files and folders in Windows Vista, you can often save yourself [more…]

How to Tweak Windows Vista Search Options for Better Results

Sometimes the easiest way to improve your search results is to change the way Vista search looks at your files. When you perform a simple search, you'll see an item on the toolbar called Search Tools. [more…]

Speeding Up Windows Vista Search with Wildcards and Boolean Operators

The Windows Vista search tool is a great tool for locating files and folders. But if you've tried running a basic search for your file with no success, there are many tools available to improve Windows [more…]

Windows XP Shortcut Key Combinations

Windows 7’s new shortcut keys get all the attention these days. Many people forget that everyversion of Windows has offered hundreds of shortcut keys. For example, here are some of Windows XP’s most popular [more…]

Understanding Your Windows XP Desktop

The Windows XP desktop, or computer screen background, is for running programs and working with files. Along the bottom edge of the Windows desktop is the taskbar. To begin, click the Start button to reveal [more…]

Saving Time with Windows XP Task Panes

Every folder in Windows XP has a customized task pane, located in the folder’s left edge, that contains time-saving shortcuts related to that folder. As you open different folders, the shortcuts change [more…]

Revitalizing an Aging Computer with Windows XP

You can easily fine tune the Control Panel’s Performance and Maintenance tasks in Windows XP. To begin, click the Start menu, choose Control Panel, and click the Performance and Maintenance category. Then [more…]

Managing Windows and Folders in Windows XP

Use this chart of handy reminders to keep track of your windows and folders in Windows XP and how to maneuver around and view them. [more…]

Staying Safe Online with Windows XP

Windows XP comes with three security settings, Firewall, Automatic Updates, and Virus Protection, and each protects you from something different. You need to use all three of these defenses for maximum [more…]

Playing Songs and Videos in Windows XP Media Player

Turning your computer into a personalized entertainment center to play your favorite songs and videos and add to your music library is part of the fun in Windows XP Media Player. Take a look at the Media [more…]

Organizing Your Digital Photos with Windows XP

The My Pictures folder built-in to Windows XP is your own personal, computerized family photo album. You’re able to quickly and easily create slide shows, screen savers, and other fun tricks with your [more…]

Three Flaws of Windows XP

Whether you’re a user of Windows XP for the first time or a seasoned veteran, every single user needs to understand these three key points about what you should and shouldn’t do in Windows XP: [more…]

Set the Windows Vista Software Power Button Function

Windows Vista features a software Power button on its Start menu. It can be programmed to sleep, hibernate, or shut down when clicked. Assigning one of those functions to that button is possible, following [more…]


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