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How to Disable Auto-Starting Programs with Windows Defender

Auto-starting programs can cause computer problems ranging from pain in the neck to freezing up the entire system. The best way to gain control over auto-starting programs in Windows Vista is to use the [more…]

How to Remove a Windows Patch in Windows Vista

So you got a bad patch from Microsoft? Hey, join the club. If you know you have a bad patch, you need to know how to remove the Windows Patch in Windows Vista. The first thing you need to know to remove [more…]

How to Make Windows Vista Show Filename Extensions

Windows Explorer provides the lens by which you see all the files and folders on your computer. To get the most out of Windows Explorer, you need to make Windows Vista show you the filename extensions [more…]

How to Protect Your Privacy in Windows Media Player

It’s important that you take a minute to protect your privacy in Windows Media Player. The best option is to block as many of the privacy settings as possible when you set up Windows Media Player, but [more…]

How to Set Up Trusted and Restricted Web Sites in Microsoft Internet Explorer

If you know how to set up trusted and restricted Web sites in Windows Vista, you can create an Internet Explorer zone, which is another line of defense for your computer. To keep your computer working [more…]

How to Recover a Lost Windows Vista Password

There is a downside to creating good, strong passwords. What if you forget yours? Recovering a lost password in Windows Vista can be a nightmare if you don't take the right precautions. But there are some [more…]

How to Create a Windows Vista Password Reset Disk

The best way to protect yourself and your password is to create a password reset disk in Windows Vista. A password reset disk is a defensive maneuver. It guards you against the slings and arrows of others [more…]

How to Create an Exception for the Windows Vista Firewall

Frequently, when a program on your computer can't receive necessary updates from the Internet, the cause can be as simple as the Windows Vista Firewall denying it access. To get your program running efficiently [more…]

How to Manually Add a Port Exception to the Windows Vista Firewall

Sometimes, adding a firewall exception isn't enough to allow an application to receive information, such as software updates, from the Internet. In these cases, the only way to get the program operating [more…]

How to Close the Inbound Windows Vista Firewall Fast

Although you can expect the Windows Vista Firewall to do a pretty good job of keeping out intruders, every Windows user should be able to close the inbound Windows Vista Firewall fast. There are times [more…]

How to Work with the Outbound Windows Vista Firewall

So you know that there’s both an inbound and outbound firewall, but you can’t figure out how to get the outbound firewall in Windows Vista to work. You are not alone. Working with the outbound Windows [more…]

How to Use Windows Live OneCare to Get Rid of a Virus in Windows Vista

If you think you have a virus on your Windows Vista computer that your antivirus program can't find (or if it stops running altogether), you can use the Windows Live OneCare Safety Scan to get rid of a [more…]

How to Get Rid of a Virus in Windows Vista

So you think you have a virus on your computer? If you take the time to follow this procedure, you should be able to get rid of most viruses in Windows Vista. [more…]

How to Install a Previously Declined Update for Windows Vista

Microsoft wants you to use Automatic Updates, but some of the automatic patches have caused more problems than they've fixed. To avoid these problems, you can turn off Vista's automatic updating feature [more…]

How to Remove Infected Restore Points from Windows Vista

Many times, you can simply run your anti-virus program and it will remove all traces of a virus. However, if you've removed a virus and it reappears again, you have a virus that is able to restore itself [more…]

Choosing a User Account Type in Windows Vista

When you're setting up a Windows Vista user account (or even modifying your own), there are many things to keep in mind about the different kinds of user accounts available to you. Security’s [more…]

How to Turn Off Windows Vista's User Account Control

Notice how Windows Vista is constantly asking for your permission to do things that you just told it to do? This is part of the User Account Control feature that Microsoft set in place to protect you from [more…]

When Not to Use Remote Assistance to Fix a Windows Vista Problem

Remote Assistance can be a great way to get help fixing computer problems, but it's important to know when not to use Remote Assistance to fix your Windows Vista problems. Remote Assistance is great at [more…]

A Closer Look at Windows Media Player's Privacy Options

The first time you run Windows Media Player (WMP), you have to take a couple of minutes to set it up. Part of that setup process is selecting WMP privacy options. Some of those options may seem innocuous [more…]

Installing and Running Microsoft Security Essentials

In late September 2009, Microsoft shook up the antivirus industry by doing the unexpected: releasing an antivirus solution that doesn’t slow down your PC or complicate what should be a simple task. Unlike [more…]

The Windows XP Security Center

You can find the Windows XP Security Center in an obscure corner of the Windows infrastructure: Choose Start→All Programs→Accessories→System Tools→Security Center. The Windows Security Center, shown here [more…]

How to Create a Strong Password

Embrace the password! Don’t try to avoid it. Instead, concentrate on creating and using a slew of good, strong passwords. Here are the three requirements your password must meet to make it nice and strong [more…]

How to Change Your Windows Account Password

It’s recommended that you change passwords at least once every three months. This is the best practice to ensure that your stuff on the computer is safe. To change your account password in Windows, adhere [more…]

How to Create and Use a Password Reset Disk in Windows

Windows passwords cannot be recovered. Honestly, forget it. If you lose your password, you’re screwed. Write down the password if you tend to forget it. Windows 7 and Windows Vista offer a tool where you [more…]

How to Disable User Account Control Secure Desktop mode

Windows 7 and Windows Vista ask if you want to Allow or Cancel almost every attempt to do something in Windows. It is called User Account Control (UAC) and is Microsoft’s attempt to ratchet up security [more…]


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