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Manually Add a Printer in Windows Vista

In Windows, you need to manually add a printer in some cases. To manually add a printer, click the Add a Printer toolbar button in the Printers window. [more…]

How to Set the Default Printer in Windows Vista

You need to name a default printer if your PC has access to more than one printer. The default printer is the one that Windows uses, for example, when you click a Print toolbar button. To set a printer [more…]

Cancel a Print Job

In some cases, you need to cancel a print job. Use your printer’s print queue to cancel your print job.

If you send a document to your printer in error, double-click your Printer’s icon [more…]

Adjust Your Printer’s Settings

Adjusting your printer’s settings includes choosing paper quality and selecting the pages to print. You adjust your printer’s settings in the Print dialog box. [more…]

Print a Document in Windows Vista

After crafting your masterpiece, you often want to print your document. Windows Vista offers several ways that you can print your document.

Chances are, you’ll be using these printing methods most often [more…]

How to Print Documents in Windows XP

Before you print a document in Windows XP, you can choose what pages to print, how many copies to print, and depending on the application, you may be able to collate, choose what type of document to print [more…]

Displaying a Document in Print Preview Using Windows XP

If you display a document in Print Preview in Windows XP, you see how your document will actually look when printed. Print Preview mode can save you the hassle of printing out documents that don't fit [more…]

Troubleshooting Your Windows Printer

When printing problems occur, you need to troubleshoot your printer. You can troubleshoot your printer by following the tips outlined here.

If you can’t print your document, are you [more…]

How to Print Documents in Windows Vista

Before you print a document in Windows Vista, you can choose what pages to print, how many copies to print, whether to collate, and you can choose to print only the objects you've selected in the file. [more…]

Print Your Pictures

You can use the Windows Photo Printing Wizard to print your pictures. The wizard offers nearly as many options as the drugstore’s photo counter, printing full-page glossies, wallet prints, and nearly anything [more…]

Printing a Web Page

Because of their graphics-rich content, you may be tempted to print a Web page. However, trying to print a Web page often provides a print that is somewhat different than what you see on-screen. [more…]

How to Install a Printer with Windows Vista

Thanks to the Add Printer Wizard, installing a printer with Windows Vista has never been easier. Any printer made in the last five years will be a Plug and Play device, which means that Vista either already [more…]

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