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How to Make a Dialup Connection on Your Laptop Using Windows Vista

Unlike a broadband connection, which is always on, a dialup connection requires you to dial in to your ISP whenever you want to use it. Before you try making a dialup connection, ensure that your laptop [more…]

Set Up Internet Explorer for the First Time

To allow Vista to communicate with Internet Explorer, you need to perform an initial setup of Internet Explorer. Vista offers a wizard to guide you smoothly through the process of setting up Internet Explorer [more…]

How to Save an E-Mail Attachment in Windows Mail

Saving an e-mail attachment is easy in Windows Mail. A paperclip icon alerts you that have an e-mail attachment. To save the attachment, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Download Software from the Internet

It’s easy to download a file from the Internet. But be careful! Do not randomly download files, and never download a file you did not request. Make sure you only download files from people and organizations [more…]

Save a Web Page

Because you might need to keep information on a Web page, you can save the page. Saving a Web site page allows you to view it offline, work with its information, and print it, for example. [more…]

How to Browse the Internet on Your Laptop During Travel

One way to browse the Web on the road, especially if you're away from an Internet connection for some time (such as on an airplane), is to save your Web pages! [more…]

E-Mail Your Photos

When you e-mail photos, you generally need to reduce them in size compared to the original photo. Vista allows you to resize your photos prior to e-mailing them. [more…]

Block Pop-ups

Blocking pop-up windows is a snap in Internet Explorer. To configure pop-up blocking on your computer to get rid of those annoying ads, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Make the Dialup Connection from Your Laptop in Windows XP

Unlike a broadband connection, which is always on, a dialup connection requires you to dial in to your ISP whenever you want to use it. Before you do anything, ensure that your laptop is properly wired [more…]

How to Fight Phishing

Phishing is a scam that can fool innocent people into doing something they would never do otherwise (such as divulge passwords and credit card information). You can minimize phishing in Internet Explorer [more…]

Download Plug-ins from the Internet

When visiting certain Web sites, you will see a notice that you must download a plug-in to view the site. You download plug-ins from the Internet by allowing them when a site pops up a window that requests [more…]

Make Internet Explorer Open to Your Favorite Site

Every time you open Internet Explorer, it displays your home page. This page should be one of your favorite sites, one you visit frequently. To make Internet Explorer open to your favorite site, follow [more…]

Find Stuff on the Internet

Because the Web is so vast, you need to identify ways to find things on the Internet. A search engine is your best tool to find what you need on the Internet. [more…]

How to Set Up a Default Online Store in Windows Media Player

Setting up a default online store in Windows Media Player will allow you to purchase music and other media with just a click. With a default online store, you can use the toolbar buttons to jump straight [more…]

How to Change Your Home Page in Internet Explorer

Most people have certain Web sites that they check each time they open Internet Explorer to go online. You can change your home page in Internet Explorer so that every time you launch it, it opens to the [more…]

How to Use Internet Explorer’s Favorites Center

Internet Explorer's Favorites Center is more than just a list of links. If you how, you can turn the Favorites Center into a dynamic tool that can improve your efficiency. The Favorites Center includes [more…]

How to Change Privacy Settings in Internet Explorer

To protect your computer from intrusion or from viruses that could corrupt your system, you need to know how to change the privacy settings in Internet Explorer. By changing the privacy settings, you decide [more…]

How to Use the Content Advisor in Internet Explorer

You can set your computer to automatically block Web sites that contain material you find objectionable or that you want to shield your children from. When you enable the Content Advisor in Internet Explorer [more…]

How to Perform Modem Diagnostics in Windows Vista

It seems like so much of our computing time these days is conducted online. Consequently, knowing how to run a diagnostic check on your modem in Windows Vista can save you from valuable down time. The [more…]

How to Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Mozilla Firefox

Removing unwanted toolbars in Firefox is much simpler than removing them from Internet Explorer. Perhaps scummy programmers aren’t as interested in subverting Firefox, or perhaps the Firefox design doesn’t [more…]

How to Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Internet Explorer

So you find a great little program to install on your computer and somehow, by the time the install finished, you found yourself with a strange new toolbar in Internet Explorer. It happens to everyone. [more…]

How to Remove Unwanted Add-ons from Internet Explorer

Many Internet Explorer problems are caused by add-ons. Unfortunately, removing unwanted add-ons from Internet Explorer can take some work. This is particularly true of the add-ons that you didn't invite [more…]

How to Set Up Trusted and Restricted Web Sites in Microsoft Internet Explorer

If you know how to set up trusted and restricted Web sites in Windows Vista, you can create an Internet Explorer zone, which is another line of defense for your computer. To keep your computer working [more…]

How to Delete Temporary Internet Files in Windows Vista

Deleting temporary Internet files using Internet Explorer in Windows Vista is a great way to keep your computer from becoming cluttered and bogged down with unnecessary files. Windows Vista stores copies [more…]

How to Delete Cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Part of cleaning up your computer and maintaining it efficiently is to delete cookies by using Internet Explorer in Windows Vista. There are pros and cons to allowing cookies to be saved on your computer [more…]


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