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How to Manually Defragment Your Hard Drive in Windows Vista

Windows Vista provides a good general Disk Defragmenter in its System Tools. But if you want to have more control over what is being defragmented and what information you are given about the process, you [more…]

How to Monitor Scheduled Defrags in Windows Vista

Viewing the results of the defrags on a Windows Vista computer takes a bit of effort, but it's worth the effort to check this occasionally to make sure the defrags are running as scheduled. After all, [more…]

How to Increase the Paging Volume in Windows Vista

You can increase the speed and efficiency of your computer by increasing the paging volume in Windows Vista. Your computer comes with a certain amount of RAM, which it uses to keep things running smoothly [more…]

How to Use ReadyBoost in Windows Vista to Speed Up Slower Computers

You can speed up the way your computer uses its RAM if you know how to use the drive accelerators that come with Windows Vista. Vista boasts three technologies that speed up your computer by judicious [more…]

How to View and Use Your Computer's Windows Experience Index

Windows Vista uses a sophisticated, multitalented program called WinSAT, or the Windows System Assessment Tool, to determine its benchmark settings, which it calls the Windows Experience Index [more…]

How to Set Windows Vista to Reboot Overnight

Shutting a Windows Vista computer all the way down and then rebooting can cure many computer problems. When you reboot, Windows goes through several self-repair processes that really can make a difference [more…]

Monitoring CPU Usage with Windows Vista's Task Manager

If you want to speed up your computer, you need to know how to use the Task Manager to monitor computer status in Windows Vista. Previous versions of Windows hid performance data in dozens of obscure nooks [more…]

How to Start Windows Vista in Safe Mode

Windows Vista's Safe Mode is a great diagnostic tool. When Windows Vista starts up, it loads all of the drivers and many of your most common programs automatically, and usually this is great. But if you're [more…]

How to Allow Access to the Public Folders in Windows Vista

Although you probably don't want random people looking through your personal files, there are some files that you will want to share with others in your home or workgroup. You can share these files by [more…]

How to Set Up Speech Recognition in Windows Vista

The speech recognition program that comes with Windows Vista is rated one of the best available. However, it can only work well if you know how to properly set up speech recognition in Windows Vista. The [more…]

How to Add Task Manager to the Windows Vista System Tray

The Task Manager is a handy tool that lets you monitor the way applications are using your computer's resources and close "frozen" programs. You can place the Task Manager in the Windows Vista system tray [more…]

How to Use Windows Vista's Resource Monitor

Monitoring Vista's CPU utilization can give you an insight into why your computer behaves the way it does, but only if you understand what you see. Fortunately, you can use the Resource Monitor to interpret [more…]

How to Run the Task Manager at Startup in Windows Vista

Although you can use the Task Manager to monitor when things are going wrong with your system, this isn't very useful if the system is so locked up that you can't open it. One way to avoid this problem [more…]

How to Clean Up the Windows Vista Desktop

Windows XP had a program called the Desktop Cleanup Wizard that offered to clean the desktop for you, but it didn't work very well, so it was left out of Windows Vista. Never fear, you can still clean [more…]

How to Clean Up the Windows Vista Registry before Reinstalling a Program

When a program becomes unstable, you can try to repair it, but if that fails, the only option is to uninstall it and start over. It's important to clean up the Windows Vista Registry before reinstalling [more…]

How to Remove a Windows Patch in Windows Vista

So you got a bad patch from Microsoft? Hey, join the club. If you know you have a bad patch, you need to know how to remove the Windows Patch in Windows Vista. The first thing you need to know to remove [more…]

How to Install a New Codec in Windows Media Player

Many media codecs are included in Windows Vista, but as technology changes daily, it is important to know how to install new codecs for the Windows Media Player. Codecs are important in the Windows Media [more…]

How to Back Up Windows Vista Registry Files

Before you start spelunking through your Registry, you need to back it up. If you know how to back up the Windows Vista Registry, you can undo most damage that you might accidentally cause by modifying [more…]

How to Defragment a Hard Drive in Windows Vista

Computers require regular maintenance in the same way that cars do. You should defragment your hard drives regularly in Windows Vista to improve your computer's speed and efficiency. When files are deleted [more…]

How to Delete Cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Part of cleaning up your computer and maintaining it efficiently is to delete cookies by using Internet Explorer in Windows Vista. There are pros and cons to allowing cookies to be saved on your computer [more…]

How to Schedule Maintenance Tasks in Windows Vista

It should come as no great surprise that you need to schedule maintenance tasks in Windows Vista to keep your computer running smoothly. With Windows Vista, you can schedule such preventive maintenance [more…]

How to Collaborate with Windows Meeting Space

So you've heard that you can collaborate with others using Windows Meeting Space. But what does that really mean? It means that can set up an online meeting with friends and coworkers over a local area [more…]

How to Recover a Lost Windows Vista Password

There is a downside to creating good, strong passwords. What if you forget yours? Recovering a lost password in Windows Vista can be a nightmare if you don't take the right precautions. But there are some [more…]

How to Create a Windows Vista Password Reset Disk

The best way to protect yourself and your password is to create a password reset disk in Windows Vista. A password reset disk is a defensive maneuver. It guards you against the slings and arrows of others [more…]

How to Force a System Restore if Windows Vista Won't Run

So something has gone terribly wrong with your system, and you want to get Windows back to the way it was a day ago (or, if you installed Uncle Billy Joe Bob’s Blaster Beta, maybe just a few seconds ago [more…]


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