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How to Reply to a Message in Windows Mail

The easiest way to follow up on an e-mail message you receive in Windows Mail is to reply to it. When you reply to a message, Windows Mail takes all the heading information from the original message and [more…]

How to Forward an E-Mail Message in Windows Mail

When you forward an e-mail message in Windows Mail, you're sending him or her a copy of what was sent to you. By forwarding, a message you can save yourself the hassle of trying to explain what was in [more…]

How to Read an E-Mail Message in Windows Mail

Reading the e-mail messages that you receive is a breeze in Windows Vista. When Windows Mail receives messages, it stores them in an Inbox folder awaiting your review. To read the message contents and [more…]

How to Create and Send E-Mail in Windows Mail

Windows Mail is a complete e-mail system that you can use to create and send e-mails in Windows Vista. Creating and sending e-mail using Windows Mail is simplified because the tools and commands required [more…]

How E-Mail Works

People use email every day, but don’t really understand how it works, assuming it is too technical. The concept of email is quite simple. Just as you don’t have to know how to fix a USPS delivery vehicle [more…]

How to Leave a Copy of E-mail on the Server

In the standard email scheme of things, whenever your email program picks up new mail, the mail is sent to your computer and then deleted from the server. This keeps the server “clean” no matter how many [more…]

How to Deal with Draft E-Mails

Most email clients feature folders into which you can stuff your email messages. The folders are named Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Deleted Items or Trash, Junk, and Drafts. It’s the Drafts mailbox that seems [more…]

How to Set Options for Emptying E-Mail Trash

The Deleted Items or Trash mail folder works like all other folders in your email program: It stores messages. The messages sit in the folder and aren’t deleted until you direct the program to purge them [more…]

How to Block an E-Mail Sender

Whether it’s unwanted email, spam, junk mail, or perhaps a persistent relative or acquaintance who won’t stop sending you “cute” stuff, most email programs have an easy way to block them. Perhaps the quickest [more…]

How to Unblock an E-Mail Sender

The Blocked Senders tool was a welcome addition to the email programs that ship with Windows. It worked! Sometimes, it worked too well. The biggest problem people had with it was blocking people they didn’t [more…]

How to Configure Junk Mail

Junk filters use formidable logic and magical incantations to identify the telltale signs of spam. Or, you can train them to identify email you don’t want. It all depends on how your email program implements [more…]

How to Create a Junk Mail Filter

Nearly all email programs feature a standard message-filtering system. You use this system to organize your email, such as by transferring business messages into a Work mailbox, but you can also use the [more…]

How to Edit a Junk Mail Rule

Rules may need refining from time to time. New rules are necessary for unwanted email; they not only make the junk mail filters more powerful but also help them rule out false positives. On the other hand [more…]

How to Repair Hyperlinks in Outlook Express

A problem that plagued users of Outlook Express for generations was the bad-hyperlink conundrum. Most sophisticated email programs display as a clickable link any text that looks like a web page or an [more…]

How to E-Mail a File

One of the simplest e-mail operations you can perform is to send someone a file. You don’t actually send a file. You create an e-mail message and attach the file to the message. When you send the message [more…]

How to E-Mail a Photo in Windows E-Mail Programs

The most common kind of file to e-mail is a photo and the easiest way to do it is overlooked by far too many people. Follow these steps to e-mail a picture file the easy way: [more…]

How to Choose the Right File Format When E-Mailing Photos

An important factor to note when sending an image is to send it in the proper graphics file format. Not all images have the same format. As computer graphics have evolved and various image editors developed [more…]

How to Save an E-Mail Attachment

A good chunk of the e-mail you receive will likely have attachments tagging along. Depending on your e-mail program, you may see the attachments directly in the message: The images appear, and perhaps [more…]

For Seniors: Create E-mail Folders in Windows Live Hotmail

E-mail message folders are a way to organize your incoming Windows Live Hotmail messages so that you can find them easily. E-mail folders work like the folders on your computer; after you create one, you [more…]

For Seniors: Create Custom Signatures for Microsoft Live Hotmail

A signature is a quick way to add some closing information, such as your name and organization, to the end of every Microsoft Live Hotmail message. If you use Hotmail for personal use only, your signature [more…]

For Seniors: Format Windows Live Hotmail Messages

Windows Live Hotmail provides tools to format the text in a message so that it looks pretty, funky or professional. Format a Hotmail message by changing fonts, adding color, and more, just as you would [more…]

For Seniors: Apply a Design Theme to Windows Live

If you spend a lot of time in Windows Live, you might want to customize its environment by applying a design theme with a preset design and color set. Windows Live includes Hotmail [more…]

For Seniors: Add Contacts to Windows Live Hotmail

To make addressing e-mails faster, you can save people’s e-mail addresses in the Contacts List in Windows Live Hotmail. Contacts that you add to Hotmail can be used with Windows Live Messenger as well, [more…]

For Seniors: Display the Windows Live Hotmail Reading Pane

You can display a Reading Pane in Windows Live Hotmail to make it easier to read all your messages. Normally, the messages in Hotmail appear in a long list, and when you click one to read it, the list [more…]


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