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How to Add the CPU Meter Gadget to the Windows Vista Sidebar

You can keep track of how much memory and CPU your computer is using by adding the CPU Meter gadget to your Sidebar in Windows Vista. The CPU is simply a reminder that helps you monitor your computer’s [more…]

How to Add Gadgets to the Sidebar in Windows Vista

You can customize your Windows Vista desktop by adding gadgets to the Sidebar, such as news feeds, clocks, weather, and so on. Adding gadgets to your Vista Sidebar allows you to check out information quickly [more…]

How to Convert Currency in Windows Vista

The Windows Vista Currency Conversion gadget makes converting currency a breeze. After you add the Currency Conversion gadget to your Windows Vista Sidebar, you can easily access and convert your dollars [more…]

How to Add RSS Feeds to the Windows Vista Sidebar

Adding RSS feeds to your Windows Vista Sidebar lets you access current information from the Web sites you check most often. By adding RSS feeds to your Sidebar, at a glance you can check out the latest [more…]

How to Add the Stocks Gadget to the Windows Vista Sidebar

You can add the Stocks gadget to your Sidebar in Windows Vista to access the latest stock quotes at a glance. No longer do you have to check out separate Web sites for your stock info; instead, up-to-date [more…]

How to Use the Notes Gadget in Windows Vista

The Notes gadget in Windows Vista allows you to create multiple notes and even multiple sets of notes so that you can organize yourself electronically. These steps not only show you how to create notes [more…]

How to Set Up the Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista

Setting up your Sidebar in Windows Vista allows you to display the Sidebar in a specific location on your computer. Your Sidebar in Windows Vista is a valuable tool that allows you to access specific information [more…]

Customize (or Get Rid of) the Windows Vista Sidebar

You can customize (or get rid of) the Windows Vista Sidebar. You customize the Sidebar so that you can be more productive. You close the Sidebar if it takes up too much real estate on your screen. [more…]

How to Use the Calculator in Windows Vista

You can use the calculator in Windows Vista just as you would a regular calculator. The Windows calculator can add, subtract, divide, multiply, convert fractions to decimals, figure percentages or square [more…]

How to Sync a Portable Media Device in Windows Vista

If you use a portable media device, such as an MP3 player, in Windows Vista, you can use Windows Media Player keep that device's files up to date. When you synchronize [more…]

How to Prepare a Windows Vista PC to Back Up the Songs from an iPod

If you want to back up the songs on an iPod, you first need to prepare your Windows Vista PC. In order to protect the files on your iPod, you first need to move your iTunes library and then turn off the [more…]

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