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Monitoring CPU Usage with Windows Vista's Task Manager

If you want to speed up your computer, you need to know how to use the Task Manager to monitor computer status in Windows Vista. Previous versions of Windows hid performance data in dozens of obscure nooks [more…]

How to Set Up Windows Media Player

The first time you run Windows Media Player, you need to take a couple of minutes to get things started on the right foot. By following these steps, you can ensure that you set up Windows Media Player [more…]

How to Run the Task Manager at Startup in Windows Vista

Although you can use the Task Manager to monitor when things are going wrong with your system, this isn't very useful if the system is so locked up that you can't open it. One way to avoid this problem [more…]

How to Share Programs with Other Users in Windows Vista

Vista is nothing without programs. Sure, Windows is nice, but your work (and play!) gets done inside programs — word processors, e-mail programs, spreadsheets, Warcraft XIX: The Prequel . . . you get the [more…]

How to Install a New Codec in Windows Media Player

Many media codecs are included in Windows Vista, but as technology changes daily, it is important to know how to install new codecs for the Windows Media Player. Codecs are important in the Windows Media [more…]

How to Determine Which Folders You Are Sharing in Windows Vista

If you enabled your Windows Vista computer to share files and folders, you already know that you're sharing the things in your Public folders. But if you've gone beyond that and established sharing privileges [more…]

How to Set Up Windows Media Center for the First Time

Getting your Windows Vista computer set up to run Windows Media Center for the first time is simple but time-consuming. In fact, don’t start Media Center for the first time unless you have a good 15 or [more…]

How to Bookmark a Windows Vista Help and Support Center Article

Vista’s Help and Support Center ties directly into the Microsoft Windows Help Web site. If you know the trick, you can bookmark a specific Windows Vista Help and Support Center article. Once you've opened [more…]

How to Open the Windows Vista Command Prompt within a Specific Folder

Many advanced Windows commands are best issued from the command prompt (you know, the old DOS-like C:\> command line). Advanced Vista users have long been frustrated by the hassle of Vista's enormous pathnames [more…]

How to Automatically Run Programs When Windows Vista Starts

Some Windows Vista shortcuts open programs automatically on startup. You can change which programs run when you start, and this tutorial shows you how. [more…]

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