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How to Rename Several Files at the Same Time in Windows Vista

Do you have a bunch of files with meaningless files names, such as IMG_0671.JPG, IMG_0672.JPG, and so on? To make your files more useful, you need to give them names that mean something. You could rename [more…]

How to Format E-Mail Messages in Windows Mail

With Windows Vista, you can format e-mail messages in Windows Mail in much the same way that you format in Microsoft Word. You can modify the fonts, size, tabs, and colors to give your message a distinctive [more…]

How to Create and Add a Signature in Windows Mail

Creating and adding a signature to your Windows Mail messages is a time saver. When you create and add a signature in Windows Mail, it lets you include information to the bottom of all of your e-mails [more…]

How to Send an E-Mail Attachment in Windows Mail

Windows Mail lets you send an attachment along with your e-mail messages. You can attach almost any kind of file to an e-mail message, from a copy of your resumé to a business card [more…]

How to Reply to a Message in Windows Mail

The easiest way to follow up on an e-mail message you receive in Windows Mail is to reply to it. When you reply to a message, Windows Mail takes all the heading information from the original message and [more…]

How to Forward an E-Mail Message in Windows Mail

When you forward an e-mail message in Windows Mail, you're sending him or her a copy of what was sent to you. By forwarding, a message you can save yourself the hassle of trying to explain what was in [more…]

How to Add and View RSS Feeds in Internet Explorer

Many Web sites are frequently updated, such as news headlines and blog entries. These kinds of sites offer a feature called RSS feeds, which they use to send you the updates automatically. RSS feeds are [more…]

How to Read an E-Mail Message in Windows Mail

Reading the e-mail messages that you receive is a breeze in Windows Vista. When Windows Mail receives messages, it stores them in an Inbox folder awaiting your review. To read the message contents and [more…]

How to Create and Send E-Mail in Windows Mail

Windows Mail is a complete e-mail system that you can use to create and send e-mails in Windows Vista. Creating and sending e-mail using Windows Mail is simplified because the tools and commands required [more…]

How to Use Advanced Search to Find Files in Windows Vista

In most cases, performing simple searches in Windows Vista can find the files you need. However, if you know how to use Advanced Search to find files and folders in Windows Vista, you can often save yourself [more…]

How to Restore Directory Information for iPod Data Backed Up to a Windows Vista PC

If you've backed up your iPod to a Windows Vista PC, the files from the iPod will be a jumbled mess — having lost all the original directory and filenames. Not to fear. Although your files look as though [more…]

How to Revert to the Original Version of a Digital Photo in Windows Vista

Have you ever edited a digital photo and decided you didn't like your changes? This happens all the time, especially when simply moving to the next picture saves changes to photos in Windows Photo Gallery [more…]

How to Rebuild a Search Index in Windows Vista

Once in a very blue moon, Vista’s search index just stops working. There could be a number of reasons, but if it happens to you, it's reassuring to know that Windows Vista makes it easy to rebuild a search [more…]

How to Add a Shortcut to the Send To Menu in Windows Vista

If you find yourself copying files into the same location over and over again, you can save time by adding a shortcut to the right-click Send To menu. By adding a shortcut to the SendTo folder, you can [more…]

How to Add a Toolbar to the Windows Vista Taskbar

If you have a folder that you need to access regularly, you can add a new toolbar — essentially a pop-up menu — to the Windows Vista taskbar. This new toolbar can take you directly to a folder and its [more…]

How to Move the Windows Vista Search Index to a Faster Drive

Because the heart of the Windows Vista search engine is the index, it really pays off to keep the index on the fastest drive you have. So, if you get a newer, faster drive, you should move your search [more…]

How to Tweak Windows Vista Search Options for Better Results

Sometimes the easiest way to improve your search results is to change the way Vista search looks at your files. When you perform a simple search, you'll see an item on the toolbar called Search Tools. [more…]

How to Find a Folder's Path Name in Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer lets you traverse folders within folders within folders, buried so deep you may never get out. But it doesn’t give you one simple place to look that tells you precisely where you are. [more…]

A Closer Look at Windows Media Player's Privacy Options

The first time you run Windows Media Player (WMP), you have to take a couple of minutes to set it up. Part of that setup process is selecting WMP privacy options. Some of those options may seem innocuous [more…]

How to Sort Files by Grouping in Windows Vista

Wading through a large collection of files in Windows Vista can be time consuming. Whether you're looking at a huge list of search results or a large folder, such as Documents, you can save yourself some [more…]

How to Copy Music from an iPod to a Windows Vista PC

Transferring files to an iPod is easy using either iTunes or Winamp, but if something happens to your computer's music library, you'll find that those programs offer no help in copying the music from your [more…]

How to Prepare a Windows Vista PC to Back Up the Songs from an iPod

If you want to back up the songs on an iPod, you first need to prepare your Windows Vista PC. In order to protect the files on your iPod, you first need to move your iTunes library and then turn off the [more…]

Speeding Up Windows Vista Search with Wildcards and Boolean Operators

The Windows Vista search tool is a great tool for locating files and folders. But if you've tried running a basic search for your file with no success, there are many tools available to improve Windows [more…]

Understanding the Windows 7 Easy Transfer Feature

The Windows 7 Easy Transfer feature makes transferring settings and data files between two computers easy. You can use the Window7 Easy Transfer feature to send files from one computer to another or even [more…]

How to Use Content Advisor in Internet Explorer 8

The Internet can be a dangerous place — particularly for minors. You can use the Content Advisor in Internet Explorer 8 to protect kids (or anyone else) from inadvertently stumbling across something you [more…]

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