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Understanding What a Computer File Is

When you use your computer to create things, those things are stored in units of information called files. A computer file can be a document you write with your word processor. A computer file can also [more…]

Save Your Edited Movie or Slide Show

When you’ve finished editing your clips, you’ll want to save your edited movie or slide show, and Windows Movie Maker can help. Click the Publish Movie button from Movie Maker’s toolbar. The program offers [more…]

Reduce Spam

Unsolicited e-mails are generally referred to as spam.Windows Mail’s spam filter helps you reduce spam. Unfortunately, you’ll never eliminate these e-mails completely, but you can reduce spam substantially [more…]

How to Delete a File or Folder in Windows Vista

Knowing how to delete files and folders that you no longer need will help you keep your Windows Vista computer from becoming too cluttered. Although most Vista computers have large hard drives, computers [more…]

How to Create a Shortcut to a File or Folder in Windows Vista

Creating a desktop shortcut to a file or folder in Windows Vista eliminates the need to work your way through Windows Explorer. In Vista, a shortcut is an icon that you can double-click that takes you [more…]

How to Compress Files in Windows Vista

Creating a compressed file or folder in Windows Vista is a good way to deal with a collection of files. Compressing your files or folders can have a number of beneficial effects. First, you save disk space [more…]

How to Add a File to Your Favorites List in Windows Vista

You can quickly and simply add a file to your Favorites list in Windows Vista. Most people think of the favorites list as simply Internet links, but you can also add a link to your favorite files, folders [more…]

How to Set Up a Default Online Store in Windows Media Player

Setting up a default online store in Windows Media Player will allow you to purchase music and other media with just a click. With a default online store, you can use the toolbar buttons to jump straight [more…]

How to Use Stationery in Windows Mail

Creating and using stationery in Windows Mail can make your e-mails stand out from the rest. You can use e-mail stationery to reflect your personality or to give your e-mail message a more polished, professional [more…]

How to Add Contacts to the Address Book in Windows Mail

If you take the time to properly add contacts to the Address Book in Windows Mail, you can make your time much more efficient. Windows Mail gives you the option to add several details about a contact. [more…]

How to Customize the Windows Mail Layout

People send and receive a lot of e-mail. Knowing how to customize the Windows Mail layout in Windows Vista gives you the power not only to change the look of the layout, but also to determine what tools [more…]

How to Adjust Sound Volume in Windows Vista

If you plan to view or listen to any media on your Windows Vista computer, it's a good idea to learn how to adjust the volume. In fact, in some situations [more…]

How to Create a Playlist in Windows Media Player

You can use Windows Media Player to create a playlist in Windows Vista. Playlist is simply a tool that tells Windows Media Player which are your favorite songs. You might want a playlist for each person [more…]

How to Use Internet Explorer’s Favorites Center

Internet Explorer's Favorites Center is more than just a list of links. If you how, you can turn the Favorites Center into a dynamic tool that can improve your efficiency. The Favorites Center includes [more…]

How to Sync a Portable Media Device in Windows Vista

If you use a portable media device, such as an MP3 player, in Windows Vista, you can use Windows Media Player keep that device's files up to date. When you synchronize [more…]

How to Connect to Remote Assistance in Windows Vista

Sometimes, the most efficient way to get your computer working again is to connect to Remote Assistance in Windows Vista. When you connect to Remote Assistance, you are allowing a tech support person [more…]

How to Rip Music from a CD in Windows Media Player

You can use Windows Media Player to rip music from a CD in your Windows Vista computer. This violent-sounding act really just creates a digital copy of the songs from your CD on your computer. And no, [more…]

How to Burn Music to a CD/DVD in Windows Media Player

If you know how to burn music to a CD/DVD in Windows Media Player, you can create mix CDs of your favorite music. Burning music to CDs or DVDs is also a great way to create a backup of all the music that [more…]

How to Add a Tag to a Photo in Windows Vista

If you're an avid digital photographer, you know how quickly the number of photos in your library can grow. A great way to organize them is to assign a tag to each photo in Windows Vista. The tags can [more…]

How to Play a Photo Slide Show in Windows Vista

A great way to share you photos with friends and family is to create and play a slide show in Windows Vista. With the Windows Vista Photo Gallery, you don't have to be content to just watch all the pictures [more…]

How to Fix a Photo in Windows Photo Gallery

The Windows Photo Gallery provides several tools for improving your digital photos. You can use these tools to get rid of the red-eye effect, crop a photo, and adjusting color and brightness. [more…]

How to Burn a Photo to a CD or DVD in Windows Vista

Once you've uploaded your digital photographs to your computer, a time will come when you'll want to either share them or save backup copies. Burning photos to a CD or DVD in Windows Vista is one of the [more…]

How to Shut Down a Non-Responsive Application in Windows Vista

Learning how to shut down a non-responsive application in Windows Vista can save you from a lot of headaches. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting forever for your computer when it has locked up. Usually [more…]

How to Disable Auto-Starting Programs with Windows Defender

Auto-starting programs can cause computer problems ranging from pain in the neck to freezing up the entire system. The best way to gain control over auto-starting programs in Windows Vista is to use the [more…]

How to Get Rid of Speech Recognition in Windows Vista

One of the most frustrating “features” in Windows Vista is speech recognition. Knowing how to get rid of speech recognition in Windows Vista is, unfortunately, a pain in the neck. The Microsoft Help files [more…]

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