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How to Create a Theme in Windows Vista

It’s easy to create a theme in Windows Vista — wallpaper (desktop background), colors, icons, screen saver, mouse pointers, even your own custom sounds. That’s pretty cool, especially if you have a good [more…]

How to Distribute a Theme in Windows Vista

If you've taken the time to create a custom Vista theme, you probably want to be able to share it with others. Right? To share your new creation, you need to know how to distribute a theme in Windows Vista [more…]

How to Remove the White Border on Screen Shots in Windows Vista Paint

Whether you’re using a keyboard shortcut (such as Alt+PrtScr) or the Snipping Tool that Vista added to the Windows Clipboard to take a picture of the screen, Windows Paint may come in handy. If you open [more…]

How to Turn ClearType Off and On in Windows Vista

If some of your fonts look a bit fuzzy or you have an older monitor, you might want to consider turning off ClearType for Windows Vista. Windows Vista enables ClearType by default because most Vista users [more…]

How to Adjust the DPI Scaling in Windows Vista

Did you know that you can adjust the DPI (dots per inch) scaling in Windows Vista to adjust the size of fonts and icons on your screen? DPI scaling is kind of like a zoom feature. Adjusting the DPI scaling [more…]

How to Improve the Appearance of Windows Vista for High-Resolution Monitors

If you have a very high-resolution monitor, you might have noticed a few limitations in the way Vista appears on your monitor. The good news is that there are ways to improve the appearance of Windows [more…]

How to Turn On Aero Glass after Windows Vista Disables It

From time to time, Vista concludes that it just can’t handle Aero Glass anymore. Sometimes Vista decides there's just not enough memory to handle it, or a program you run doesn't agree with Aero Glass. [more…]

How to Add a Toolbar to the Windows Vista Taskbar

If you have a folder that you need to access regularly, you can add a new toolbar — essentially a pop-up menu — to the Windows Vista taskbar. This new toolbar can take you directly to a folder and its [more…]


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