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Your PC Keyboard’s Modifier Keys

Four keys on your keyboard are modifier keys. A modifier key works in combination with other keys to do various interesting and unbelievable things. You can find these modifier keys somewhere on your keyboard [more…]

How to Create a Hibernate Shortcut in Windows Vista

Using the Hibernate setting in Windows Vista is a great way to save power and to close your system quickly. And if you create a Hibernate shortcut on your desktop, you can send your computer to this semi-sleep [more…]

How to Set Windows Vista to Reboot Overnight

Shutting a Windows Vista computer all the way down and then rebooting can cure many computer problems. When you reboot, Windows goes through several self-repair processes that really can make a difference [more…]

How to Pin Items to the Windows Vista Start Menu

Although you want the programs you constantly use on the Quick Launch toolbar, you don’t want to put too many icons there. Other programs that you use frequently or regularly can be [more…]

How to Customize the Right Side of the Start Menu in Windows Vista

Windows Vista gives you the option to turn ten of the Start menu items into cascading fly-out menus: the User link, Documents, Pictures, Music, Games, Favorites, Recent Items [more…]

How to Change Your Mouse Pointer in Windows Vista

Windows Vista comes with a number of different sets of mouse pointers. Whether you need to change your pointers to make them easier to find or to see or you just want a change, the ability to alter what [more…]

How to Change the Mouse Behavior in Windows Vista

If you know how to change your mouse's behavior in Windows Vista, you can make sure that the mouse is set to work specifically with your needs. The mouse settings are great for customizing the computer [more…]

How to Modify How Your Keyboard Works in Windows Vista

Windows Vista allows you to modify how your keyboard works. You might think "a keyboard is just a keyboard," but it can be more if you know how to configure it. You can control things like the speed of [more…]

How to Customize Your Screen Saver in Windows Vista

You can set up a screen saver in Windows Vista to express your personality. Screen savers used to be required to keep your monitor from burning out when an image was held on your screen for too long. Newer [more…]

How to Change the Color Scheme in Windows Vista

If you know how to change the color scheme in Windows Vista, you can control the colors that Windows uses when displaying dialog boxes, menus, and windows. Changing the color scheme is a great way to reflect [more…]

Using Ease of Access Features for the Visually Impaired in Windows Vista

Windows comes stocked with ease-of-use features that let people with different levels of abilities use Windows. For example, you can optimize the visual display in Windows Vista to help visually challenged [more…]

How to Replace Sounds with Visual Cues in Windows Vista

If you're hard of hearing and don’t always recognize system sounds alerting you to error messages or a device disconnect, you might want to set Windows Vista to replace those system sounds with visual [more…]

How to Run the Task Manager at Startup in Windows Vista

Although you can use the Task Manager to monitor when things are going wrong with your system, this isn't very useful if the system is so locked up that you can't open it. One way to avoid this problem [more…]

How to Arrange Multiple Windows Side by Side in Windows Vista

When you want to work with two files or programs, it's usually much more convenient to be able to see both files at the same time. You can arrange multiple windows side by side on your desktop in Windows [more…]

How to Create Hot Keys in Windows Vista to Get Anywhere Fast

Windows Vista gives you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to creating keyboard shortcuts (also called hot keys). You can use hot keys to open programs, files, and even Web pages. Creating a hot [more…]

How to Share Programs with Other Users in Windows Vista

Vista is nothing without programs. Sure, Windows is nice, but your work (and play!) gets done inside programs — word processors, e-mail programs, spreadsheets, Warcraft XIX: The Prequel . . . you get the [more…]

Tips and Tweaks for Getting the Most Out of Windows Explorer

Underneath Windows Explorer’s docile exterior beats the heart of a powerful, adroit assistant. You need to do a bit of tweaking, but if you spend a few minutes to apply these suggestions, you can emerge [more…]

How to Assign a Template to a Folder in Windows Vista

Typically, Vista looks at the contents of a folder and then decides what kind of template to apply to the folder. But did you know that you can tell Windows Explorer to assign a specific template to a [more…]

Windows Vista Root Keys and What They Do

The Windows Registry may look like a file or a database, but it’s really a conglomeration of many different pieces of information drawn from several places. You can change some of the entries, but other [more…]

A Closer Look at the Windows Vista Registry

The Registry is Windows Vista's central repository for all sorts of different settings — the name of your keyboard driver, the size of your desktop, the location of the program that plays MP3 files, and [more…]

How to Safely Change the Windows Vista Registry

Making changes to the Windows Vista Registry doesn't have to be a scary thing. But it is important to know how to make the changes in a safe way that won't cause your system permanent damage. [more…]

Customizing the Windows Ribbons Screen Saver with Registry Tweaks

When you edit the Registry, you can customize Vista to work the way you want it to (within Microsoft's parameters anyway). It's best to start with something fairly simple to learn the process before you [more…]

How to Schedule Maintenance Tasks in Windows Vista

It should come as no great surprise that you need to schedule maintenance tasks in Windows Vista to keep your computer running smoothly. With Windows Vista, you can schedule such preventive maintenance [more…]

How to Use System Restore on Multiple Drives in Windows Vista

When you perform a file backup, Vista backs up your data files before it creates a restore point — and the restore point contains backups of your shadow copies. But if you have more than one drive, the [more…]

How to Work with the Outbound Windows Vista Firewall

So you know that there’s both an inbound and outbound firewall, but you can’t figure out how to get the outbound firewall in Windows Vista to work. You are not alone. Working with the outbound Windows [more…]


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