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Using the Windows Networking Wizards

Both Windows Me and Windows XP have a wizard that walks you through the process of setting up your network; this wizard also sets up a shared Internet connection. Using the wizard means that you don't [more…]

Making a Startup Disk in Windows Me

Unless you grab a spare floppy right now, this information won't do you any good. See, Windows Me can make a startup disk for emergencies. When Windows Me refuses to load, you can pop the disk into your [more…]

Formatting a New Floppy Disk in Windows Me

Some new floppy disks don't work straight out of the box; your computer burps out an error message if you even try to use them fresh. Floppy disks must be formatted, and unless you paid extra for a box [more…]

Viewing More Information on Folders in Windows Me

Whenever you create a file or folder, Windows Me scrawls a bunch of secret hidden information on it: its size, the date you created it, and even more trivial stuff. To see what Windows Me is calling the [more…]

Installing Programs in Windows Me

Windows Me installs itself differently on different types of computers. As it copies itself over to a hard drive, it brings different files with it. If installed on a laptop, for example, Windows Me brings [more…]

Using the Recycle Bin in Windows Me

The Recycle Bin, that little oval wastebasket on your desktop, is supposed to work like a real Recycle Bin. It's something you can fish the Sunday paper out of if somebody pitched the comics section before [more…]

Searching the Internet in Windows Me

Face it. Windows Me's Internet Explorer comes with too many buttons and boxes. To help out, the Search button tacks a simple form onto Internet Explorer that plows through the Internet to find your particular [more…]

Customizing Display Settings in Windows Me

Just as Windows Me can print to hundreds of different brands of printers, it can accommodate zillions of different monitors, too. It can even display different [more…]

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