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Linux All-in-One For Dummies Extras

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Linux All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Linux can fulfill almost any need you have for the operating system on a desktop computer, but you must be able to tell it what you want to do in a way that it understands. First, you have to get Linux [more…]

The Underappreciated ulimit

You can think of the ulimit command as a Linux administrator's best solution for restricting what users can and cannot do. Every Linux admin has at least one user who just seems to know how to bring your [more…]

Wireless Networking Protocols for Linux

As a Linux user or administrator, you'll probably work in a wireless network environment where you'll see at least one of these five common wireless networking protocols in action. [more…]

Linux Security Tools

Linux security information is readily found at a number of Linux-related sites. The first to check, and stay abreast of, is always the distribution vendor's site. Its pages usually provide an overview [more…]

DNS Records and Linux

Each DNS zone file contains records that consist of a number of entries. As a Linux user or administrator, these records will guide Internet users to your website. The entries are also known as [more…]

Debugging in Linux

Nearly every Linux service has an option allowing it to run in a debug level(s). By turning on debugging, you can see everything from failure messages to detailed information on what the service does. [more…]

Why Go Open Source with Linux?

In the open source model that guides Linux, a company's software source code is made available for download via the internet. While anyone could use this software for free, the open source model generates [more…]

10 Linux Security Terms to Know

As a Linux user and administrator, computer security is an essential issue. Ten key terms can take you a long way toward mastery of your environment. [more…]

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