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Linux: Implementing a Security Test Methodology

A key element of a computer security audit that you would use while working in Linux is a security test that checks the technical mechanisms used to secure a host and the network. The security-test methodology [more…]

Linux and Some Common Computer Vulnerabilities

Prevention in Linux includes the mechanisms (nontechnical and technical) that help prevent attacks on the system and the network. Before you can think of prevention, however, you have to know the types [more…]

Linux: Host-Security Review

When working in Linux and reviewing host security, three parts of focusing on assessing the security mechanisms include looking at each of the following areas: [more…]

Network-Security Review for Linux

Working in Linux, you should be familiar with some security mechanisms. A network-security review focuses on assessing the security mechanisms in each of the following areas: [more…]

Linux Vulnerability Testing Types

The number-one purpose of penetration testing is to identify vulnerabilities. A penetration test is the best way to tell what services are really running on a Linux system. [more…]

Linux: 2 Notes about Security

Here, review two host-security mechanisms you should be familiar with when working in Linux, password security and incident response. Learn how to perform computer security audits how to test your system’s [more…]


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