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Controlling Your Linux Smart Home with X10

To own and operate a Linux smart home means to control and monitor devices and information around your home by using a standard personal computer, the Linux operating system, and its vast array of open [more…]

Being Sysadmin, the Root User in SUSE Linux 9.3

System administration, or sysadmin for short, refers to whatever has to be done to keep a computer system up and running; the system administrator (also called the [more…]

Linux Smart Homes: Managing Your Media with MythTV

MythTV is an open source program that you can use with Linux. With the MythTV digital video recorder, you can watch TV, pause and resume live TV, schedule recordings, and do everything that a typical PVR [more…]

Exploring KDE, the Default GUI for SUSE Linux 9.3

KDE (pronounced kay-dee-ee) is the default GUI for SUSE Linux 9.3. KDE stands for the K Desktop Environment. From your perspective as a user, KDE provides a graphical desktop environment that includes [more…]

Editing the Printer Configuration in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

After adding your printer(s) in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, you can edit settings by selecting the printer from the printer list of the Printer Configuration tool and then clicking the Edit button. The [more…]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4: Maintaining Your System

The Red Hat Network is a program that is installed by default when you install Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The Red Hat Network software is used to register a profile with Red Hat that contains information [more…]

Looking at Intrusion Detection in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

Having unauthorized users entering your systems is definitely something that you don't want to happen. Of course you want to stop them before they get in. But before you can do something about keeping [more…]

Doing Page Layout in SUSE Linux 9.3

SUSE Linux comes with the suite of office applications that includes Writer for preparing documents. In Writer, page styles control the page layout, and each page can have its own style. [more…]

Common Linux Commands

Open-source Linux is a popular alternative to Microsoft Windows, and if you choose to use this low-cost or free operating system, you need to know some basic Linux commands to make your system smoothly [more…]

How to Use CDs and DVDs with Linux

Just because you’re using open-source Linux as your operating system is no reason to think you can’t play CDs or watch DVDs on your computer. To access or remove disks, just follow these procedures: [more…]

How to Get Help on Linux

You may find yourself needing more help using Linux than you do using more pervasive operating systems, like Windows. Fortunately, Linux provides fairly easy ways to find help, as shown here: [more…]

Linux For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As an alternative to more widespread operating system, open-source Linux is a little different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do normal things, such as playing DVDs with it. You may need to get familiar [more…]

The Boot Prompt Function Keys in Ubuntu Linux

You can choose from several options to control the startup process when booting from the Ubuntu CD-ROM. When you see the Ubuntu startup menu (the first menu option is Start or install Ubuntu) you have [more…]

Useful Commands in Ubuntu Linux

This list provides some simple command line examples. To open a terminal emulator window, click the Gnome Applications menu and select Accessories → Terminal, then, use these commands: [more…]

Ubuntu Linux For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To get Ubuntu Linux up and running, get help provided in the Boot Prompt Function Keys section and take advantage of the straightforward, helpful commands. [more…]

Linux Smart Home Automation Projects

You can use Linux smart home technology to automate any number of processes in your home from turning on lamps to building your own video recorder. The following table lists some of the projects you can [more…]

Adventurous Linux Smart Home Projects

You’ve used Linux smart home technology to regulate your home’s lights, sprinkler system, and video, and now you’re looking for more of a challenge. The projects in the following list require a bit more [more…]

Must-Have Hardware for Linux Smart Home Projects

If you’re committed to using Linux smart home technologies to automate your house, you’re going to need some supplies. The following table lists hardware you may want, tells you what it’s used for and [more…]

Linux Smart Homes For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Using Linux smart home technology, you can turn your lights on and off at will, play music when you want, and even run your own weather station. Of course, to implement these basic and more adventurous [more…]

Linux Installation Checklist

Every Linux distribution differs slightly in the interface used to install the operating system on your desktop, the order of the information it requests, and the tools it uses to simplify the installation [more…]

Linux Commands to Check the Network

Many Linux distributions provide a number of tools to simplify network configuration and connectivity verification. The following tools work with every distribution and allow you to administer your network [more…]

Working in Linux with the bash Shell

The bash shell serves as the mediator between the user and the Linux kernel, with bash being the most common shell in use today. To interact with the b [more…]

Linux File System Basics

To interact with the Linux file system, you must understand some basics: its key directories, some of the most commonly used commands, and the permissions you can assign to files. [more…]

Linux All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Linux can fulfill almost any need you have for the operating system on a desktop computer, but you must be able to tell it what you want to do in a way that it understands. First, you have to get Linux [more…]

The Underappreciated ulimit

You can think of the ulimit command as a Linux administrator's best solution for restricting what users can and cannot do. Every Linux admin has at least one user who just seems to know how to bring your [more…]


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