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Mastering DOS Basics

You get work done on a computer by running a program. If you're lucky, somebody has set up your computer so that it automatically runs the program you need. Turn on the PC, and — zap! — there's your program [more…]

Using DOS to Write-Protect and Reformat Disks

You can protect floppy disks in such a way as to prevent yourself or anyone else from modifying or deleting anything on the disk.

When a disk is write-protected, you cannot alter, modify, change, or delete [more…]

Installing and Using Software with DOS

No one but a tech-head really likes to install software. A techie takes pride in trying to set the thing up without first reading the manuals. Installation [more…]

Getting to Know DOS Directories

Computers are supposed to make life easier, not harder. Hard disk management is simply the way you use files on a hard drive. This concept involves some organization, and understanding that organization [more…]

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