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How to Share Information from Your Windows 8 Tablet

Computers, including your Windows 8 tablet, excel at sharing information. There’s little point in creating something unless you want somebody else to see it. That’s where the Charms bar’s Share icon comes [more…]

Tweak the Current App's Settings on Your Windows 8 Tablet

The Charms bar’s Settings icon on your Windows 8 tablet lets you tweak the settings of the app you’re viewing. It also serves as a gateway for tweaking many of your tablet’s most common settings. [more…]

How to Organize Your Windows 8 Tablet's Start Screen

For some reason, Windows 8 doesn’t bother to organize your tablet's Start screen. As you add apps from the Windows Store, the Start screen tosses them onto its far right edge, where they’re completely [more…]

Choose Files with the File Picker on Your Windows 8 Tablet

Eventually on your Windows 8 tablet, you’ll need to select a file from within a Start screen app. For example, you may want to open a photo to view in the Photos app. That’s where the File Picker comes [more…]

Use Your Windows 8 Tablet's Start Screen with Mouse and Keyboard

If you plan on using the Desktop app to crank out some serious work on your Windows 8 tablet, you’ll want to plug a mouse and keyboard into your tablet. The mouse and keyboard will feel right at home on [more…]

Set Up the Windows Desktop App on Your Windows 8 Tablet

To launch the desktop, tap your Windows 8 tablet's Start screen’s Desktop app. The Desktop app’s pretty easy to find. It’s not only labeled Desktop, but also its tile looks like a miniature view of your [more…]

Enlarge the Desktop's Menus on Your Windows 8 Tablet

When you fire up the Desktop app from the Start screen on your tablet, Windows 8 seems to assume you’ll be using a mouse and keyboard. Unlike the Start screen’s big buttons and finger-sized controls, the [more…]

How to Turn on the Ribbon Menu on Your Windows 8 Tablet

Familiar to people who’ve used the latest versions of Microsoft Office, the Ribbon menu now appears as a staple atop every folder in Windows 8. The Ribbon menu is simply a thick strip of options that dangle [more…]

Select Multiple Items with a Fingertip on Your Windows 8 Tablet

Selecting items or groups of items on your Windows 8 tablet with your fingers can be one of a tablet’s most maddening chores. It’s fairly easy to select one item: Just tap it, and Windows highlights it [more…]

Connect Your Windows 8 Tablet to External Speakers or a Home Stereo

If you’re watching your Windows 8 tablet’s movies on an external monitor — perhaps even on a wide-screen TV — you’ll want to route your sound to your home stereo rather than the tinny speakers built into [more…]

How to Launch Desktop Programs on Your Windows 8 Tablet

Although the Desktop app on your Windows 8 tablet may seem like a self-contained world, it’s not. The Desktop app tosses you back onto the Start screen on several occasions, most noticeably when you want [more…]

Snap an App Alongside the Desktop on Your Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8’s Start screen and Desktop app live in very separate worlds. The Start screen is modern, while the Desktop app is traditional. They look and behave nothing alike, and for the most part, they [more…]

Your Window 8 Tablet's Desktop’s Hidden Power Menu

You can’t summon this menu with your fingers on your Windows 8 tablet. But when you plug in a mouse or trackpad and right-click in the secret spot, you’ll wonder why this menu wasn’t in [more…]

How to Connect Your Windows 8 Tablet to a Wireless Network

All Windows 8 tablets can connect to the Internet wirelessly — they already contain a built-in wireless network adapter. To connect, you and your tablet need only be within range of a wireless network. [more…]

How to Connect your Windows 8 Tablet to Wired or Dial-up Connections

To connect to a wired network on your Windows 8 tablet you need an accessory: a USB cable with a traditional network jack on the end. You probably won’t need it often, but if you’re trapped in an old-school [more…]

How to Connect Your Windows 8 Tablet to Networked PCs

Windows 8 tablets come with tiny hard drives, at least by desktop PC standards. Since you probably can’t fit all of your information onto your tablet, keep an eye out for other places to stash files, perhaps [more…]

How to Connect Your Windows 8 Tablet to a Printer

Windows 8 tablets can connect with just about any printer that works with your desktop PC. Most printers connect either through a USB port or through a wired-or-wireless network. [more…]

How to Connect Your Windows 8 Tablet to a USB Hub

Most accessories plug into your Windows 8 tablet’s USB port. Windows 8 usually recognizes them on the spot and downloads any necessary drivers through the nearest Wi-Fi connection. [more…]

How to Connect Bluetooth Accessories to Your Windows 8 Tablet

When you’re running out of room on your Windows 8 tablet to plug in USB accessories, Bluetooth is your friend. Bluetooth works much like Wi-Fi, but it specializes in connecting gadgets that live less than [more…]

How to Digital Camera Photos to Your Windows 8 Tablet

Nobody likes viewing photos on a camera’s tiny screen. Thankfully, Windows 8 makes it easy to import your camera’s photos onto your tablet, where they shine on the big screen. And you can do it all from [more…]

How to Import Photos from Your Desktop to a Windows 8 Tablet

Taken a lot of photos on a multiday trip? Then importing them all might warrant a trip to your Windows 8 tablet’s Desktop app. Whereas the Start screen drops all your photos into one folder, the desktop [more…]

How to Connect a TV Tuner to Your Windows 8 Tablet

The Internet provides plenty of distractions, but many people still turn to television for entertainment. By adding a TV tuner to your Windows 8 tablet, you can not only watch live TV but also schedule [more…]

How to Connect Your Windows 8 Tablet to a Monitor

In theory, connecting your Windows 8 tablet to a monitor is quite simple: Connect a cable between your tablet’s video port and your monitor’s input port. The challenge is finding the [more…]

Four Ways of Using an Attached Monitor with Your Windows 8 Tablet

After you connect your Windows 8 tablet to your external monitor, you need to tell the tablet how to send its image. Windows 8 offers you four options, and you can see them by following these steps: [more…]

How to Type Emoticons on Your Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 carries the text-based smiley into the future by supporting dozens of emoticons. Sometimes called emoji characters, emoticons are these little characters that grew from the simple smiley face [more…]


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