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Windows 8 Touch and Mouse Commands

Windows 8 brings users into a new era of touchscreens, whether they're built into tablets, laptops, or even desktop monitors. When faced with a touchscreen device, these commands will help you maneuver [more…]

Six Tips for Windows 8 Tablet and Laptop Owners

Windows 8 offers a few settings exclusively for the portable crowd. These tips and quick references are especially suited for laptop owners who need information in a hurry. [more…]

How to Care for Your Windows 8 Tablet

Whether you use Windows 8 on your tablet or not, maintain your tablet to keep it in good working order. A tablet should last several years if you keep these pointers in mind: [more…]

Using the Windows 8 Charms Bar on a Tablet

The Charms bar, an icon-filled strip that appears along the screen's right edge, works everywhere on your Windows 8 tablet, whether you're working on the Start screen, inside an app, or on the traditional [more…]

Navigating Windows 8 Apps on a Tablet

The Windows 8 Start screen on your tablet serves up a smorgasbord of apps, each built to handle a specific task. But no matter how much the apps differ, each one shares the same basic commands. These tips [more…]

Using Touchscreen Commands in Windows 8 for Tablets

The touchscreen commands (or gestures) you use for Windows 8 on a tablet are no different than gestures you'd use in other operating systems. And, your fingers can work just as efficiently as a mouse and [more…]

Copy or Move Files or Folders on Your Windows 8 Tablet

Selecting items on the desktop of your Windows 8 table with your fingers can consume a lot of time. But once you’ve selected them, it’s fairly easy to copy or move them to a new location by following these [more…]

Windows 8 Tablet versus an iPad

A Windows 8 tablet has several advantages over Apple's iPad. The iPad is the most popular tablet in the world. It’s an extraordinarily well-built tablet that lets you do many things very well. The iPad’s [more…]

How to Choose the Right Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 tablets come in two basic models: Windows RTtablets, and Windows 8 tablets. Both run Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system, but with slight differences. They’re each designed to serve slightly [more…]

Identify the Buttons on Your Windows 8 Tablet

Different tablets from different manufacturers include a variety of buttons and switches. But every Windows 8 tablet includes these four mainstays: power button, Windows Key button, Rotation Lock button [more…]

Ports Available on Your Windows 8 Tablet

Tablets, including the Windows 8 tablets, usually include at least four holes along their edges, technically called ports: USB, a display port, a docking port, and a headphone/microphone jack. [more…]

Sensors Built into Your Windows 8 Tablet

Your Windows 8 tablet’s built-in sensors constantly measure the world around them, translating those measurements into numbers, and feeding them to Windows 8’s various programs. Fortunately, many sensors [more…]

Create a Microsoft Account for Your Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft designed Windows 8 around a Microsoft account, which is simply an e-mail address and password. Without a Microsoft account, you can’t install apps, which defeats the purpose of owning a tablet [more…]

How to Control Your Windows 8 Tablet's Touchscreen

Controlling your Windows 8 tablet's touchscreen sounds easy enough. You just touch it. Complicating matters, though, is the fact that you can touch tablets in [more…]

How to Type on Your Windows 8 Tablet's Glass Keyboard

Tablets can display anything onscreen, from photos and movies to buttons and words. So, it’s only natural that your Windows 8 tablet can toss a convenient keyboard onto the screen when you need to type [more…]

How to Adjust Your Windows 8 Tablet Keyboard’s Settings

Windows 8 offers numerous settings to tweak the keyboard’s behavior on your tablet. Most options come turned on by default, so if something about the keyboard bugs you, you can often fix the problem simply [more…]

Predictive Typing on Your Windows 8 Tablet

Predictive typing is a computer term that describes Windows’ psychic abilities. Whenever you type on your Windows 8 tablet, Windows tries to guess what you’re about to type. When Windows feels particularly [more…]

How to Edit Text on Your Windows 8 Tablet

Without the pinpoint precision of a mouse pointer, editing a few lines of text on your Windows 8 tablet seems insurmountable. How do you place the cursor in the exact location necessary to excise the unwanted [more…]

How to Calibrate the Stylus on Your Windows 8 Tablet

The Windows 8 handwriting recognition works quite well on your Windows 8 tablet, because Microsoft’s been perfecting it for many years. However, to make Windows recognize your writing style even more accurately [more…]

How to Convert Handwriting to Text on Your Windows 8 Tablet

You can write by hand on your Windows 8 tablet anywhere that Windows accepts typing. You can handwrite a letter in Microsoft Word, for example, or write in the name of a newly created folder. [more…]

How to Correct Handwritten Mistakes on Your Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 will inevitably make a mistake when you're handwriting on your tablet. It won’t recognize one of your words correctly, for example, or it will turn an inadvertent keystroke into a period. [more…]

Write in the Windows Journal on Your Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8’s built-in handwriting-to-text translator on your tablet works quite well in many situations. Sometimes, however, it’s overkill. For example, nobody cares about grammar or even misspellings in [more…]

How to Open an App on Your Windows 8 Tablet

When first installed on your tablet, Windows 8 doesn’t bother to organize your Start screen. Your apps appear in a haphazard mess that sprawls out of view beyond the screen’s right edge. As you slide your [more…]

How to Switch between Apps on Your Windows 8 Tablet

When not being used, apps slumber in the background of your Windows 8 tablet, waiting to be summoned once again. These sleeping apps don’t consume any resources, and your tablet devotes its attention to [more…]

How to Search with Your Windows 8 Tablet's Charms Bar

When you need to find something in the sea of text you’re currently viewing on your Windows 8 tablet, fetch the Charms bar with a finger swipe inward from the screen’s right edge. Then tap the Search icon [more…]

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