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Understanding Windows 8

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Add Another Windows 8 User to Your Computer

Administrator account holders in Windows 8 can add another User Account through the Start screen’s simple PC Settings screen. To add another user, follow these steps: [more…]

Change an Existing User’s Account in Windows 8

The Windows 8 Start screen’s PC Settings screen (its mini-control panel) lets you create a new account for a friend or family member. And it lets you tweak your own account, changing your password or switching [more…]

How to Switch Quickly between Users in Windows 8

Windows 8 enables an entire family, roommates, or employees in a small office to share a single computer or tablet. The computer keeps track of everybody’s programs while different people use the computer [more…]

Share Files among Windows 8 Account Holders

Normally, the Windows 8 user account system keeps everybody’s files separate, effectively thwarting Jack’s attempts to read Jill’s diary. But what if you’re co-writing a report with somebody, and you both [more…]

How to Change a Windows 8 User Account’s Picture

For every newly created user account, Windows 8 chooses a generic silhouette. Feel free to change the picture to something more reflective of the Real You: You can snap a photo with your computer’s webcam [more…]

Set Up Passwords and Security in Windows 8

There’s not much point to having a Windows 8 user account if you don’t have a password. Without one, Charles from the next cubicle can click your account on the sign-in screen, giving him free reign to [more…]

Windows 8 Maintenance Checklist

Stick to this recommended maintenance schedule for your PC and you'll help keep Windows 8 and your hardware running like a race car! Print the checklist and display it somewhere near your system as a reminder [more…]

Guide to Common File Formats

You'll encounter these digital media and archival file formats everywhere on the web and on your PC, so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with their use and which applications will load them. [more…]

Windows 8 Windows-Key Shortcuts

Use these keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate through Windows 8 using the Windows logo key. You'll find the keyboard an efficient alternative to your mouse. [more…]


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