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Troubleshooting Windows 8

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Restore Backups with Windows 8 File History

The new Windows 8 backup program, File History, emphasizes saving your own data, not your apps and programs. After all, apps and programs can always be reinstalled. But many of the moments that inspired [more…]

What to Do If Your Program Freezes in Windows 8

Eventually, one of your programs in Windows 8 will freeze up solid, leaving you no way to reach its normal Close command. Should you find yourself facing this icy terrain, these four steps will extricate [more…]

Windows 8 Maintenance Checklist

Stick to this recommended maintenance schedule for your PC and you'll help keep Windows 8 and your hardware running like a race car! Print the checklist and display it somewhere near your system as a reminder [more…]

Guide to Common File Formats

You'll encounter these digital media and archival file formats everywhere on the web and on your PC, so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with their use and which applications will load them. [more…]

Windows 8 Troubleshooting Resources

If you have a Windows 8 troubleshooting question, you might be able to make a phone call to your local computer shop for a quick answer — even after the warranty expires — but most folks turn more often [more…]

Refresh, Reset, and Reinstall Your Operating System

If your entire operating system is in serious jeopardy — that is, it doesn’t boot or it locks up every single time you use it as soon as your mouse cursor appears — you can [more…]

How to Use System Recovery Options

Take full advantage of the Windows 8 System Restore utility. But if your PC is in truly bad shape and you can’t run the System Restore program, your next step is likely to run the Windows 8 [more…]

The PC Troubleshooting Process, Step by Step

Following is a step-by-step Windows 8 troubleshooting procedure. Note that this process doesn’t center completely on software because it’s often hard to tell at the beginning whether the problem at hand [more…]

How to Use Windows Update

Windows Update is a gas. It automatically searches for Windows 8 patches and upgrades from Microsoft and then applies them while you relax. This feature is A Good Thing because any piece of software as [more…]

Use Windows 8 Safe Mode

Think of Safe mode in Windows 8 as generic “vanilla” Windows 8. If a hardware device conflict is locking up your PC, or if a driver that you recently installed or updated is causing Windows to crash, you [more…]

How to Use Windows Defender

Microsoft dislikes the word malicious as much as you do — hence the folks in Redmond included Windows Defender to help you eliminate both viruses and spyware throughout your system. [more…]

Safeguard Your System with System Restore

System Restore in Windows 8 lets you set restore points (think of them as snapshots of your important system files), which you can return to whenever the Big Eight experiences problems. Most folks turn [more…]

How to Use the Windows 8 Disk Defragmenter

A program that you can reach from any hard drive’s Properties dialog box is the Windows 8 Disk Defragmenter. Returning file fragments to their proper places can significantly increase your hard drive’s [more…]

How to Check Your Hard Drives in Windows 8

Windows 8 enables you to scan your PC’s hard drives often (both internal and external) for potential problems. There are two common misconceptions concerning hard drives: Hard drives don't malfunction [more…]

The Windows 8 Device Manager: The Hardware Tool

The Windows 8 Device Manager is essentially a status window that displays the operating status of each of the hardware devices in your PC as well as the peripherals connected to it. With one glance, you [more…]


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