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Playing DVDs in Windows 8 with VLC Media Player

Modern PCs running Windows 8 aren't just for work, they also provide a number of excellent entertainment options. Just one example: you can watch a DVD movie on your laptop, if you've installed the VLC [more…]

Downloading and Installing VLC Media Player in Windows 8

Windows 8 provides a fresh, new face for the world's most popular operating system. But Windows 8 might surprise you in one way — by itself, Windows 8 can't play DVDs. Fortunately, there is a free and [more…]

Downloading and Installing XBMC Media Player in Windows 8

You have several different options for playing DVDs and other media files in Windows 8. One of these options, XBMC, offers some unique features such as a weather forecast feature and audio visualizations [more…]

Playing DVDs in Windows 8 with XBMC

Windows 8 PC's can do a lot more than browse the Internet and respond to e-mails. Watching DVD movies and listening to music are just a couple of the fun things that you can do with your Windows 8 PC. [more…]

Understanding the Media Options in Windows 8

If you've used Windows for a while, you might be in for a little surprise when you begin using Windows 8. Along with many other features that have been around for some time, the media options in Windows [more…]

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