Searching & Browsing in Windows 8.1

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How to Conduct a Search in Windows 8.1

Windows 8 made searching for apps much easier than it had ever been, and Windows 8.1 actually makes searching for pretty much anything even easier. In Windows 8.1 you not only see what's on your PC, but [more…]

Windows 8.1 Search Features

Windows 8.1 has changed the way you search for things yet again. But this change isn’t simply a matter of adding settings and files to the results: Now your search results also include results from the [more…]

3 Ways to Find Windows 8.1 Search Results Anywhere

By default, the Windows 8.1 Search looks everywhere it can in order to find the largest number of matching results for a search. In most cases, you’ll probably want to see the maximum number of results [more…]

The New Windows 8.1 Search System

Windows 8.1 moves away from the Windows 8 system. In Windows 8, the Charms bar’s Search command was integrated throughout Windows. If you wanted to search for something inside an app, you’d fetch the Charms [more…]

The Problem with Windows 8.1 Smart Search

The new Windows 8.1 Smart Search — invoked by default through the Windows 8.1 Search charm — not only searches your computer for the string you specify. It also, all by itself, gathers up the terms and [more…]

Privacy Concerns and Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 users need to understand that this version of Windows, much more than any version of Windows before, pulls in data from all over the web. Every time you elect to connect to a service — Facebook [more…]

How to Control Location Tracking in Windows 8.1

For the first time in any version of Windows, this version has location tracking. You have to tell Windows 8.1 and specific applications that it’s okay to track your location, but if you do, those apps [more…]

General Approaches to Searching in Windows 8.1

Microsoft, through its Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), keeps an enormous amount of data about the way people use Windows. The folks who designed Windows 8.1 pondered mightily over the telemetry [more…]

How to Search for Programs/Apps in Windows 8.1

If you know that you’re looking for a program (er, an app) in Windows 8.1 or you think that you’re looking for a program, keep in mind that you need to know the program name, or at least part of the program [more…]

How to Search the Windows Store from within Windows 8.1

You can search the Windows Store using the Windows 8.1 Search box in the upper right corner, and/or by taking advantage of built-in categories. Here’s how: [more…]

How to Search for a Windows 8.1 Desktop App

In Windows 8.1 you can search for apps and more than apps, including settings and files. To use Search in any app, display the charms bar and select the Search charm. For example, search for a city in [more…]

How to Browse for a Network in Windows 8.1

The difference between a homegroup and a network in Windows 8.1 is subtle. A homegroup is specific kind of network and may be easier to create than a network. A network has more options and can give you [more…]

How to Turn on File History in Windows 8.1

You can enable Windows 8.1 to create backup copies of the files in your Documents, Music, Pictures, Video, and Desktop folders. Then you can review your file history. [more…]

How to Restore Files with File History in Windows 8.1

If you have File History turned on in Windows 8.1, you can easily restore files to the last saved version should you forget to save before closing or suffer a semi-fatal hard drive error. [more…]

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