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How to Add Photos to Windows 8.1 Photo Gallery

Any pictures or videos that you add to your PC’s Pictures or Videos Libraries will get picked up by Windows 8.1 Photo Gallery automatically. So if you want to add photos or videos to WPG, you only need [more…]

Tagging Pictures in Windows 8.1 Photo Gallery

When you tag your pictures, the Windows 8.1 Photo Gallery keeps an index that makes it lightning-quick to find any pic with the specific tag. The problem, of course, is that you have to type a tag or two [more…]

Internet Explorer on the Windows 8.1 Desktop

Internet Explorer on the desktop is very, very different from the Windows 8.1, tiled Metro-style version of IE. Use them for a few minutes and you’ll see: [more…]

Navigating in Windows 8.1 Desktop Internet Explorer

One great thing about the Windows 8.1 desktop version of Internet Explorer is that you can be an absolute no-clue beginner and, with just a few hints about tools and so on, you can find your way around [more…]

Changing the Home Page of Windows 8.1 Desktop Version of Internet Explorer

Every time you start the Windows 8.1 desktop version of IE, it whirrs, and after a relatively brief moment (how brief depends primarily on the speed of your Internet connection), a web page appears. The [more…]

Searching with Google in Windows 8.1 Desktop Version of Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer ships with Microsoft’s Bing as its default search engine. If you want to change to Google in the Windows 8.1 desktop version of IE, it’s remarkably difficult. [more…]

Customizing Firefox for Use in Windows 8.1

Firefox has more options than Internet Explorer: more add-ins that make it work better and safer than either IE or Chrome. Installing Firefox in Windows 8.1 can’t be simpler. You don’t need to disable [more…]

How to Set Up Windows Media Player in Windows 8.1

The first time you fire up Windows Media Player in Windows 8.1, you are presented with a bunch of inscrutable choices. If you haven’t run WMP yet, here’s how to get off on the right foot: [more…]

How to Adjust the Windows Media Player Ripping Settings

If you want to rip CD files into the MP3 format in Windows Media Player in Windows 8.1, you have to change the settings inside Windows Media Player. Don’t worry; it’s easy if you know how. [more…]

How to Create Playlists in Windows Media Player

If you have a favorite set of tracks that you like to hear in a particular order and the tracks are in the Music library (or Video Library), you can build a playlist that gives you precisely what you want [more…]

How to Burn an Audio CD in Windows Media Player

The process of writing data to a CD is called burning. Rip and burn. Windows Media Player in Windows 8.1 enables you to burn a plain, old-fashioned, everyday audio CD very, very easily. Here’s the quickest [more…]

How to Find the Real Control Panel in Windows 8.1

Over on the tiled Metro side of the Windows 8.1 fence, people seem to get to either the Settings panel or the Change Settings (sometimes called PC Settings) screen and figure they’re in the Control Panel [more…]

The Windows 8.1 Device Manager

Device Manager in Windows 8.1 is your point of first resort when something goes wrong with the hardware — the devices — on your system. It’s a Control Panel applet that gives you limited access to information [more…]

How to Add and Switch Clocks in Windows 8.1

If you want to change the clock in the lower-right corner of the Windows 8.1 desktop — perhaps add a clock, change the time, or change the format of the date or time — it’s easy. Here’s how: [more…]

How to Change Languages in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 language support has improved enormously in the past few versions. One very common request is to change the keyboard: You may have a German, British, or Thai keyboard, which is completely different [more…]

How to Make Your Libraries Visible in Windows 8.1

When you bring up File Explorer in Windows 8.1, you’re placed in a make-believe folder called This PC and shown six folders at the top — Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos. [more…]

Optimizing Google Chrome for Windows 8.1

Google Chrome on the Windows 8.1 desktop has several advantages over Internet Explorer and Firefox. Foremost among them: built-in Flash, Java, and PDF support, which greatly reduces the chances of getting [more…]

Pinning Windows Media Player to the Windows 8.1 Start Menu or Taskbar

The first problem you’re likely to have with Windows Media Player in Windows 8.1? Finding it! There's a long list of applications that are built into Windows 8.1 but are hard to find. Windows Media Player [more…]

How to Touch Up Pictures in Windows 8.1 Photo Gallery

Windows 8.1 Photo Gallery offers a small set of the most-used, photo touch-up tools, specifically designed to be easy to use and not particularly intimidating — or powerful. You may find them useful, especially [more…]

How to Open the Windows 8.1 Weather and Travel Apps

The Windows 8.1 Start screen is home to numerous programs, or apps (short for applications). An app performs a function or displays information. For example, the Weather app displays a local weather report [more…]

How to Use the App Switcher in Windows 8.1

The app switcher in Windows 8.1 lets you save some time and effort by switching directly between open apps (without going to the Start screen). [more…]

Snap Two (or More) Windows 8.1 Apps to Display Them

An open Windows 8.1 app typically fills the entire screen, hiding everything else. However, some apps can be displayed side-by-side with a function called [more…]

How to Add Locations to the Windows 8.1 Weather App

The Windows 8.1 Weather app not only provides your local forecast, but enables you to keep track of the weather in other locations. Want to know whether your grandchild is camping in the rain? Add the [more…]

How to Change Windows 8.1 App Settings

You can customize most of the Windows 8.1 apps to suit your needs. In this example, you'll be changing the settings of the Weather app, but the same basic steps apply to any app. [more…]

How to Display All Windows 8.1 Apps

The Start screen displays only some of the apps available in Windows 8.1. To see all the apps available in Windows 8.1, follow these steps: [more…]


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