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How to Avoid Windows 8.1 Metro Calendar App Collisions

The first time you bring up the Windows 8.1 Calendar app, you may think that you’re seeing double. Or triple. Assuming you have added two or more accounts into Metro Mail or Metro People, the calendars [more…]

A Quick Tour of the Windows 8.1 Metro Photo App

Windows 8.1’s Metro Photos app is meant to be a pleasing, full-screen way to look at your picture collection, coupled with some easy-to-use photo editing capabilities. [more…]

How to Edit Photos in Windows 8.1's Metro Photo App

If you can find a photo you want to edit, in spite of Windows 8.1 Metro Photo’s truly incapable search capabilities, editing it is quite easy — and the tools at hand, while rudimentary, are quite powerful [more…]

Importing Pictures to Windows 8.1 from a Camera or External Drive

The Windows 8.1 Metro Photos app has a very, very limited picture-import capability. You’re much better off using Windows Photo Gallery or any of the many photo apps. [more…]

How to Play Your Music with the Windows 8.1 Xbox Music App

If you’ve never used the Windows 8.1 tiled Metro Music app, Xbox Music, now’s a good time to give it a try. Follow these steps: [more…]

How to View Your Videos with Windows 8.1 Xbox Video

If you want to stream videos directly to your Xbox, the Windows 8.1 Metro Xbox Video app lets you control the streaming. The Metro Xbox Video app works almost exactly like the Music app. [more…]

How to Manage Playlists in the Windows 8.1 Metro Xbox Music App

The Metro Xbox Music app has a rudimentary playlist capability. A playlist is just a list of songs that the app is supposed to play in order.

Remarkably, any playlist that you create in a different app, [more…]

Where Can You Find Windows 8.1 Metro Skype?

Chances are pretty good that the Metro Skype tile didn’t get put on your Windows 8.1 Metro Start screen. If you’ve looked and can’t find it there, it’s because Microsoft hid it on the All Apps screen. [more…]

Installing the Windows Version of Skype on Your Windows 8.1 Machine

Skype on the Windows desktop is considerably more powerful than Metro Skype. Here’s how to put the regular, old, everyday Windows version of Skype on your Windows 8.1 machine: [more…]

How to Add a Contact to Skype in Windows 8.1

The methods for adding Contacts vary depending on which version of Skype you’re using — Windows 8.1 Metro, Windows, iPad, Android, and so on. Before you can call someone, you have to make her an “official” [more…]

Hooking Twitter into Windows 8.1

There’s a very rudimentary Twitter client built in to Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 tiled Metro People app. But if you’re serious about using Twitter — particularly if you have more than one Twitter account [more…]

A Quick Tour of the Windows 8.1 Bing News App

At its heart, the Windows 8.1 Bing News app is a wire-service aggregator, with a disproportionate representation of news stories sent by Reuters and the Associated Press [more…]

How to Customize the Windows 8.1 Bing News App

Bing Daily is the primary way of looking at the Windows 8.1 Bing News app. You may be surprised to discover that Bing News has other features, which may actually prove useful. [more…]

The Windows 8.1 Bing Finance App

The Windows 8.1 Bing Finance app doesn’t have any glaring usability problems. Well, okay, you can’t pinch to make the text look bigger. It’s heavy on the U.S. stock exchanges and very light outside the [more…]

Two New Metro Bing Apps in Windows 8.1

If you right-click or swipe on the main screen of the Windows 8.1 Metro Bing Food & Drink app, you see an array of icons like the one shown. [more…]

How to Search the Windows Store for Games

Want to see what games will run on the Metro tiled side of Windows 8.1? Head to the Windows Store. The Windows Store offers tons of games. Many of them, including some free ones, are well worth trying. [more…]

The Cut the Rope Game App for Windows 8.1

Everybody knows Angry Birds. The Cut the Rope game app for Windows 8.1 isn’t Angry Birds. The physics is a little more complex, and the variations are trickier. That said, it’s every bit as addictive as [more…]

The Pirates Love Daisies Game App for Windows 8.1

A big Microsoft score for the Windows 8.1 platform and an early port to HTML5, Pirates Love Daisies is a thoroughly modern rendition of a class of games called Tower Defense. [more…]

The Windows 8.1 Sudoku Game

If you’ve ever tried to finish a really hard Sudoku, you know it can be quite a challenge. The Windows 8.1 Sudoku game starts by asking whether you want an Easy, Normal, or Hard game. [more…]

The Birzzle Game App for Windows 8.1

Birzzle is an unlikely name, but it’s a fascinating free game that works great on the Windows 8.1 platform. Birzzle, made by a Korean company, started out on the iPad in 2011. But it carries across nicely [more…]

Switching between Open Apps in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 offers several ways to switch from one open app to another. Use your mouse, the app switcher, key combinations, or the Windows key to get to another app. [more…]

How the Windows Live Apps Have Changed in Windows 8.1

While Windows Live Essentials were hyped as one of the great reasons to buy Windows 7, in Windows 8.1 they’re going the way of the do-do.

Several of the Windows Live programs are considerably better than [more…]

How to Get the Windows Essentials Apps

Want to install a couple of the Windows Essentials apps on your Windows 8.1 machine? Here’s how to get the Windows Essentials you want, and let the others sit and stew: [more…]

How to Run Windows (Formerly Live) Mail

Most people know Windows (formerly Live) Mail in Windows 8.1 as the progeny of the venerable, if quirky Outlook Express. The fact that Microsoft has three — yes, three — completely different e-mail programs [more…]

How to Get Started with Windows 8.1 Photo Gallery

The tiled Windows 8.1 Metro style app called Photos is fancy and glitzy, brings together photos from all over the place, including SkyDrive, and has only the most rudimentary controls for handling large [more…]


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